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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dining Room Updates: Painted Vintage Server and New Rug

Whenever my husband goes away I end up getting involved in some sort of painting project and this year was no different.  Maybe it's boredom, maybe it's the fact that he's not home to give his opinion or maybe I just can't leave well enough alone, haha.  He's always commenting on how I'm in the middle of 972 projects at once and I can't blame him.  I tend to get easily distracted with home projects, which results in many changes and half completed and decorated spaces.  That's what keeps things fun and interesting though, right?

While my husband was away last week (he went on a 300 mile road bike tour in Texas) I was home manning the fort or should I say, painting and redecorating.  One of the spur of moment projects I tackled was repainting the vintage server in our dining room.  

painted furniture, dining room, modern farmhouse

It got a makeover last year with light gray paint, but I was never really happy with how it got lost in the space.  You know I like contrast and there was definetely none of that going on between the server and the walls.
Modern Farmhouse dining room
Enter my favorite color, Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore.  Would you expect me to paint it any other color?!?!  
Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore, Modern Farmhouse Dining Room, Modern Farmhouse

Sherwin-Willaims Iron Ore, vintage server, modern farmhouse, dining room
The dark gray is a beautiful contrast to the light walls and I love that it ties in with the front door and dining room doors, which are also painted Iron Ore.   The sun streaming in from the dining room doors make it appear a little on the blue side, but I promise it's the same beautiful deep charcoal gray.
Painted vintage server, modern farmhouse dining room, Sherwin-Williams Iron Or
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I also fell in love with a chunky wool knit rug from Target.  I loved it so much that I picked up a 2x3 dark gray one for our kitchen and a 5x7 lighter gray one for the dining room.  It's so soft and the blend of dark and muted gray tones tie the space together perfectly.
Modern farmhouse dining room, dining room, painted furniture, vintage server

Chunky wool rug, modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse dining room, painted vintage server, sherwin-williams iron ore

modern farmhouse dining room, painted vintage server, sherwin-williams iron ore.

Painted furniture, modern farmhouse, dining room, vintage server

modern farmhouse dining room, painted vintage server, sherwin-williams iron ore.
I'm not promising this will be the last time the server gets painted or the rug gets replaced, but for now I'm liking the contrast they both add to the space.

- Wall color: Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige
- Light 



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  1. It's gorgeous, Katie and I agree... it's a fabulous contrast, really stands out. Beautiful. Sue x

    1. Thank you, Sue! The dark gray definitely pops more in the room.

  2. love the dark gray! it suits you so much more, too, i think! i remember when it was blue and i loved it like that, too!

    1. Yes, this piece has been through quiet a few color changes. The dark gray is definetely my favorite and you're right, it suits my style the best.

  3. It looks great! Amazing how changing paint colors and adding a rug can transform a room.

  4. Brava, Katie, the newly painted buffet and rug are perfection. Well done you! Cheers, Ardith

  5. I love this! Iron Ore is the perfect grey and I NEED that rug. Thank you for getting me in trouble with my husband I mean, 'inspiring' me ;)
    Gabby @Organized Squirrel

  6. I truly love this look. I especially love the grey buffet! My dining room is going through some changes right now. I bought a new rug that has stripes of grey, black, white, and a tan. So I am redoing my art work and walls to have a pretty contrast. I love this dining room using as my inspiration!!! Thanks

  7. The dining room is looking gorgeous! My favorite element is that clock, it's such a beautiful focal point!

  8. LOVE the new color, Katie! Perfect... and those rugs are beautiful, too!