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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to Decorate a Scary Halloween Home for Less

Tips and Tricks for creating a spooky Halloween home on a budget!

I love swapping out decor and decorating my home for the changing seasons, but Halloween is definetely the time of year I have the most fun decking out my home.  From thrift store finds to easy DIY projects and printables, it's also the easiest holiday to decorate without spending a ton of money.

Today, I'm not only sharing my spooky entryway, but I'm also sharing my favorite tips and ideas for creating a scary Halloween home for less.

Awesome tips and ideas for decorating a spooky Halloween home for less!

Branches, sticks and twigs are not only free, but they are perfect for creating a creepy Halloween atmosphere.  Spray paint them black and add some cobwebs and creatures (bats, spiders and birds) for an even creepier Halloween feel.

Thrifted Halloween decor

old window halloween decor, thrifty halloween decor, halloween

You know I'm a big fan of shopping thrift stores for home decor and it's no different when it comes to decorating for Halloween.  Keep your eye out for frames (for spooky pictures), books (add halloween paper or paint them black), candlesticks, glass jars (to make "poison" jars) and Christmas houses (paint them black to make spooky haunted houses).   
Halloween entryway, DIY Halloween ideas, Thrifty Halloween decorating

Search the internet for spooky Halloween images, pop them in a thrifted frame and you have instant (and nearly free!) Halloween decor.   (Follow my "PRINTABLES" Pinterest board for lots of free inspiration)

Halloween entryway, thrifty Halloween decor, halloween printables

Waiting until seasonal decor goes on sale and clearance is a great way to snag great items for cheap.  

Thrifty Halloween entry, how to decorate a scary Halloween home for less

One of my favorite DIY projects and one that I use from year to year are faux busted out lathe and plaster wall art that I made a few years ago.   All you need is black poster board and wood grain contact paper (both from Dollar Tree) and black craft paint.  Cut the contact paper in thin strips, layer on top of the poster board, add a bit of black paint for an aged look then cut them into random shapes to resemble crumbling wood slats.  

DIY Halloween books, DIY Halloween projects
Covering old books with Halloween scrapbook paper is also an easy way to add a touch of Halloween to your space.
Thrifty Halloween decor, DIY halloween decor, bats

Thrifty Halloween Decor, Halloween, DIY halloween decor

You all know I love a good Dollar Tree find!  They always have cobwebs, creepy cloth, skeletons, spiders and other great Halloween items.  This year, I was able to find a cool Halloween picture that I cut out and popped in a Goodwill frame.  Total cost was about $3.00 and now I have Halloween decor I can use for years to come.   I also used Dollar Tree black poster board to cut out multiple size bats and as I mentioned above, the items for the DIY broken "lathe and plaster" are also from Dollar Tree. 

Dollar Tree Halloween decor, Halloween

Thrifty Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Projects, Halloween decorating for less

Do you decorate for Halloween?  It's such a fun and easy holiday to decorate for, especially if you are looking to create a scary home for less. 


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  1. I LOVE this! Cute, inexpensive ideas that I can re-create in my own home!

  2. Love your halloween decor, especially the peeled paint parts!

  3. Thanks for the ideas and really loved your suggestions.