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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stylish and Affordable Decor Essentials From IKEA

From farmhouse to modern, IKEA has a wide variety of affordable decor to create a beautiful and stylish home! 

Last year, I shared a must buy decor list from IKEA , but after visiting one of our local stores (we have two within 45 minutes!) and seeing so many new items I thought it was time to share an updated list.  Not only are these items stylish and perfect for any decor style, but they are also super affordable too!  

Let's go shopping and I'll take you on a little tour of what caught my eye and what you might want to add to your next shopping list. 

Stylish and affordable decor essentials from IKEA! #ikea #ikeahacks #farmhouse

These $5.99 duck feather pillow inserts are not new, but they are by far my favorite IKEA item.  You won't find them cheaper anywhere else (trust me, I've looked) and they are a must for having perfectly plush and styled pillows. 
ikea decor essentials, ikea, ikea pillow insert
These are the exact pillow inserts I used in my faux leather pillows from my master bedroom update.
ikea pillow inserts in bedroom, ikea, ikea decor, modern farmhouse bedroom

While you're there picking up feather inserts you might as well pick up a few pillow covers, right?  They have such a wide variety with some as low as $6.00!

pillow covers, ikea, ikea pillow covers
These off white cushion covers are one of my favorites and at $12.99 I may go back and get two.
new pillow covers from IKEA, ikea, ikea pillows

If there's anything I love more than throw pillows it's throw blankets.  They are such a great way to add warmth and texture to a room and I love swapping them from room to room for a quick update. 

throw blankets, ikea, ikea throw blankets, new ikea throws

new ikea throw blanket, ikea, ikea throws, tuvalie throw blanket

new ikea throw blankets, ikea, ikea blankets
STRIMLONN Wool herringbone throwMATHEA white throw (new) / JENNYANN throw (new) / OFELIA white throw  /  OFELIA dark gray throwVAGMALLA Light gray throw (new)

Lanterns are perfect to use all year long and great for both indoor and outdoor use.
ikea decor, ikea, ikea lanters, farmhouse decor
The lantern I have on my entry table isn't from IKEA, but if I didn't already have one I would definitely buy one of their affordable options.

modern farmhouse entryway, modern farmhouse, farmhouse

ikea lanterns, ikea decor, ikea, new ikea lanterns
1. / 2. (New!) / 3. / 4. (New!)

Of course, you all know how much I LOVE my IKEA faux plants.  I have 4 or 5 of their faux sage plants, but now they have Rosemary, thymeoregano, winter greenery and fiddle leaf trees!

modern farmhouse bookshelf, bookshelf styling, ikea

artificial plants from ikea, ikea, artificial plants

faux fiddle leaf fig, ikea artificial plants, fiddle leaf fig
modern farmhouse basement, faux fiddle leaf fig

The main reason I went to IKEA the other week was to check out their winter greenery, which included a variety of trees, wreaths and garlands.  IKEA is by far the best place to get the most affordable and realistic greenery.  Just check out these 18" Boxwood wreaths for $12.99!
artificial boxwood wreath, boxwood wreath, ikea boxwood wreath, smycka artificial wreath
artificial ikea wreaths, faux wreaths, ikea decor

ikea artificial potted plant, faux ikea plants

IKEA furniture can get a bad rap for being cheap and lacking in quality, but I've purchased many pieces in the past with no issues.  Three of my favorite furniture pieces that I own are the Raskog cart that I use for mobile craft storage,  an Expedit bookcase that I turned into lockers and slipcovered dining room chairs.

ikea raskog cart, ikea storage

ikea expedit bookcase, ikea hack, ikea storage, expedit
IKEA has come a long way with their furniture and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Raskog now has stools.  Aren't they great?
ikea raskog stools, new ikea furniture, ikea
I also love these wood and metal shelves.  Actually, Fjallbo has an entire line of furniture with a lot of great pieces. 
ikea fjallbo shelf, fjallbo furniture, ikea storage

ikea storage, ikea farmhouse furniture

You already know that IKEA is my go-to place for frames, but they also have a ton of affordable artwork and posters too.
ikea posters, new ikea posters, ikea wall art

ikea wall art, ikea decor, new ikea items

Curtains can be expensive, especially if you want longer lengths.  I love that IKEA not only has affordable options (less than $30 a pair!), but they also come in 98 inches, which is perfect for hanging high and wide.

I bought a set of these white grommet curtains that I think will be perfect for either our bedroom or living room.
ikea curtains, ikea finds, ikea

Ikea curtains in a modern farmhouse bedroom

I managed to make it out of the store with only minimal damage, but that doesn't mean I'm not already planning my next trip! 
what i bought from ikea

You can find more of my favorite must buy decor essentials from IKEA here

Stylish and affordable decor essentials from IKEA! #ikea #ikeahacks #farmhouse

Stylish and affordable decor essentials from IKEA! #ikea #ikeahacks #farmhouse


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  1. all of those are pretty good, I am a big fan of the pillows and curtains. I will definitively check out the lanterns, the large black one looks really nice.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful items. I love many of the selections you showed.