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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pumpkins made from Dollar Tree Storage Jars

Dollar Tree storage jars are turned into perfect painted pumpkins! 

It's the first Monday of the month and time for another Dollar Store DIY!  Since it's officially fall AND October I thought I would do a little pumpkin project for this month's Dollar Tree makeover.  Nothing says fall more than cool evenings, falling leaves and pumpkins, right?
 Easily turn Dollar Tree storage jars into perfectly painted pumpkins!
If you saw my Dollar Tree video on Facebook the other week then you might recognize these little glass jars.  As soon as I saw them at Dollar Tree I knew right away the lines were perfect for pumpkins.   All they needed was a little orange paint, antiquing wax and a stem! 

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- Glass Jar from Dollar Tree
- Orange craft paint (I mixed colors to make a custom color since I didn't have orange on hand)
- Brushed pewter and brown craft paint (for "aging" the lid)
- Water based poly
- Plastic pumpkin stem (I used a leftover one from a Walmart pumpkin)
- Paint brush

Dollar Tree glass storage jars
I started with one of these little round jars with screw on lids from Dollar Tree.   Since I didn't have orange craft paint on hand I made my own by mixing yellow, red and brown until I had the perfect rusty orange. 
Painting Dollar Tree glass jars
I think I ended up painting three coats of orange paint to get full coverage on the "pumpkin" jar.  While I waited for the paint to dry I worked on updating the lid.  I used the same exact method I used for the industrial storage jars.  Basically, I spray painted the lid gold then used a combination of Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff, brushed pewter and brown paint to give the lid an industrial aged look.  I then sealed the jar and wax with water based poly.
Painting Dollar Tree storage jars
I used the same painting technique on the stem, which I had leftover from other pumpkin projects.  The stem was attached by drilling a hole in the lid and pushing the stem through the hole, but I think all purpose glue may be a better option, especially if you plan to fill them with candy.

Dollar Tree storage jar pumpkins, dollar Tree, pumpkins, fall

Dollar Tree storage jar pumpkins, dollar Tree, pumpkins, falls

Dollar Tree storage jar pumpkins, DIY pumpkins, Dollar Tree

Don't you think these little jar pumpkins would make a perfect little treat for your Thanksgiving hostess?

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Dollar Tree painted pumpkins, DIY Pumpkins, Fall,


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  1. Toooooo cute!!! Guess I better run to Dollar!!!!

  2. You have the best ideas!!

  3. What are some other ideas for the stems if you don’t have any laying around?

    1. You could use a piece of wood or stick or even a cool wood knob.

  4. Which dollar tree I cant find them was this recently

    1. Yes, I purchased them recently. I believe they carry them year round, but not all Dollar Tree's may have them in stock. They are in the same aisle as the plates and glasses.

  5. I’m loving the idea to paint those burlap pumpkins! The texture is amazing.