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Monday, July 17, 2017

Living Room Update: 3 Reasons to Paint Your Windows Dark

Get the perfect dose of contrast and modern farmhouse feel with dark painted windows!

It should be of no surprise to anyone that I just finished painting our front windows dark, Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore to be exact.  I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner (considering all our doors are painted dark), but nonetheless they are painted and I couldn't love them more!

3 reasons to paint your windows dark
Painting your windows dark may not be for every room or every style, but when used in moderation it's a great way to add contrast and define your space.  Still need convincing?  Here's why you should consider whipping out your paint brush and going dark with your windows. 

White windows and white trim can blend together and get lost in a space.  Painting windows black (or dark charcoal in my case) demands your attention and draws your eye to the window, showcasing the outside view. 
dark painted windows defines a space

3 reasons to go bold and paint your windows dark

If your home lacks character or intricate molding, painting your windows dark can create the illusion of more features and detail.
paint your windows dark to create the illusion of architecture
The best and most affordable way to create contrast in a home is with paint.  I've been slowly painting our entry and interior doors dark and I love the contrast it adds to our home.   From balancing a space to adding more interest, paint can do wonders when you crave contrast.
Reasons to paint your windows dark

painted dark windows creates the illusion of expensive architecture
Have I convinced you to go dark yet?painting  windows dark with Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
I can not even tell you the difference painting our windows dark charcoal gray has made in our living room.  I plan on adding bamboo shades, but I'm still on the fence about hanging the curtains back up. I just can't bare to cover up those gorgeous windows!  What do you think? 
3 reasons why you should paint your windows dark
You may have also noticed the new furniture.  I went with the Radley collection from Macy's and have been very pleased so far.  The bottom cushions are a tad stiff, but with two rambunctious kids I'm sure they'll be broken in in no time. 

3 reasons why you should paint your windows dark


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  1. I love your living room. I've been wanting that and have been out to g off paint our hall and living room for 2 years. What color is your primary tan color and what brand. Got new windows last year and excited to possibly do the same if hubby liked it. Please reply thank you and again well done diy sister

    1. Hi Sheri! The walls are painted Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige. I actually prefer our dining room and basement color more which is SW Accessible Beige. It's one shade lighter :)

  2. Where did you find the white cabinet in the corner?

    1. The white cabinet was originally black and was bought from HomeGoods a few years ago. I added wood and pulls to make it mimic the look of a card catalog.