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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Must Have Supplies Every DIY Crafter Should Have

Having a good stock of craft supplies is hands down the best way to stay creative and motivated.  I'm impatient, so when I come up with an idea I want to be able to finish it right then and there.  Nobody has time to head to the store for supplies, at least I don't.  Over the year's I've learned what supplies I use most, what supplies I need to keep stocked in my home and what helps me stay creative.
Must Have supplies every DIY crafter should own
It seems that whenever I work on craft projects I always tend to reach for the same supplies.  In no particular order, here are my favorite must have supplies every crafter should own.

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Mod Podge
Mod Podge Matte / Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe / Mod Podge Gloss

I can't even count the amount of times I've used Mod Podge in craft projects.  Whether I'm using it as an adhesive or sealer, it's definetely one of my must have supplies. 

DIY Coasters
Scrapbook Coasters

DIY wood and faux marble coasters
Wood and Faux Marble Coasters

DIY pallet photo transfer art
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Art

Jute for crafting

Using jute is one of my favorite ways to hang tags, signs and banners.  It's even great for wrapping around the tops of mason jars and other bottles. 
Vintage wood tags

DIY wood spring garland

Different chalk paint brands

Folk Art / Americana Decor / Rust-oleum

Is it even a surprise that I included Chalk Paint in my list?  It's perfect for distressing or times when you just don't feel like sanding or prepping.  This paint is so versatile that I could go on and on about how perfect it is for projects both large and small.   Distressed mason jar storage

Spray paint

I can't even tell you how many projects I've completed using spray paint.  From big furniture transformations to small thrift store updates, spray paint is one of my go to products for quick and easy makeovers.   
Updated Dollar Store storage bins

Restored vintage metal hardware cabinet

x-acto knife, must have supplies for crafters
X-acto knives are perfect for cutting stencils, within small areas or when you want precise cuts.  They can do a lot of things scissors can't, so they are a must in my opinion. 
Updated faux pumpkins

Cordless glue gun

I don't know about you, but it never fails that my glue gun cord is either too short or always gets in the way.  Having a cordless glue gun is a crafters dream!

DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Wood glue and rapid fuse all purpose glue

There are two types of glue (three if you count hot glue) that are essential when crafting.  First, get a good wood glue then grab a bottle of Rapid Fuse all Purpose Adhesive.  I promise you will use both over and over!

DIY oversized wood flash card art
These giant wood flashcards are one of my favorite projects that was built using all purpose glue.  It just goes to show that you don't always need expensive nail guns or power tools to create projects out of wood. 
craft brushes

I've been using the same Purdy 2 1/2 inch brush for at least 10 years. That's right, the same brush!  It's been through a lot and has transformed many pieces of furniture and spaces.  When I'm not using my Purdy brush for a project I'm using one of my many craft brushes.  If there is one thing you shouldn't skimp on when it comes to a craft supply it's a good quality brush set.  Let me tell you, it's no fun picking fine bristles off your projects because your cheap brushes are constantly shedding. Been there, done that.  Invest in a good brush set and I promise you won't be sorry. 

4 drawer wood storage box

Metal label holders
OneTwo / Three 

This may not be a supply that most people think of, but I tend to use labels in many projects that it's a must in my book.  Whether they are used to organize or to update boring furniture pieces, labels are great for customizing and sprucing up just about anything.   

DIY weekly cork board organizer

DIY wood photo plaques

I have used these adhesive letters over and over and over again.  My favorite way to use them is to easily create custom signs, tags or knock off projects. 
World Market Inspired Perpetual calender

scrap wood tags

There are a ton of other supplies that I use, but these are the products that are my favorite and that I use most often.  If you are a DIY crafter you should most definetely have an arsenal of supplies to keep you motivated and your creative mind flowing.

Happy crafting! 

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