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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters

Awesome DIY and craft projects using must buy Dollar Tree items. 

Dollar Tree store front

Do you shop at the Dollar Tree?  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you probably know I frequent Dollar stores quite often.  I've been shopping there for years, but it definitely took me a bit to get over the stigma that it's just full of cheap junk.  Don't get me wrong, there are certain things I probably would never buy at a Dollar store (food being one of them), but they also have a ton of must buy home decor and craft items.

8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters. Littlehouseoffour.com
You'll have to do a little updating and tweaking, but nothing beats making a craft or updating your home with something that only cost a dollar!

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite Dollar store home decor and craft items.
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Dollar Tree Foam Board
From kids art projects to photo backdrops to DIY signs, foam board is probably my number one must buy Dollar Tree item.
 How to make vintage signs using Dollar Store foam board

Fall foam board sign

Dollar Tree frames themselves can be pretty cheap looking and flimsy, but they are perfect for spray painting or layering around chunkier frames.

 Dollar Tree Frames
I recently used a few gold frames to update my hall gallery wall and you would never know by looking at them that they cost $1 a piece!  A little Rub 'n Buff and layering goes a long way.
 Updating Dollar Tree frames with Rub 'N Buff

 How to create a gallery wall with thrifted items and dollar tree frames

Mason jars are great, but I LOVE that the plain glass jars from the Dollar Tree are smooth and the lids are gold, no spray painting required!

 Clear storage jars from the Dollar Store
They are great for so many things from organizing small craft supplies to creating fun holiday projects.

Dollar Store Santa belt mason jars

Who doesn't love storage bins?  The only problem is if you need more than a few you'll end up spending a pretty penny.
 Dollar Store storage bins
I know the bins at the Dollar Tree can be a bit bright and bold, but don't overlook them.  A little spray paint and a few metal tags and pulls can go a very long way.
updating dollar store bins with spray paint and metal tags

Dollar store storage bins with custom metal tags

Yes, you can buy decent floral picks at the Dollar Tree.  You may have to do a little digging, but I've been able to find a few realistic stems, perfect for adding a bit of color to any space.
 Must buy dollar tree flower picks

8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters.  Littlehouseoffour.com

I've used these little glass beads to make magnets as well as personalized necklaces.  The best part about this bag of glass gems is that you can make at least 20 projects out of one little bag.  Score!
Must buy Dollar Tree glass beads for crafting

Glass gem personalized necklace using Dollar Tree glass beads

Besides being perfect for my kids, Dollar Tree puzzles are also great for creating the perfect personalized gift, just in time for Valentine's Day!
8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters.  Littlehouseoffour.com

 How to turn a Dollar Store puzzle into a personalized gift

I was more than thrilled when I spotted succulents at the Dollar Tree.  Succulents!  Add them to cute distressed jelly jars or combine them with a few floral stems to make the perfect spring wreath.  
 Dollar Tree succulents in distressed Jelly Jars

Spring wreath using Dollar Store succulents and flowers

If you haven't been buying these items at the Dollar Tree than you've probably been wasting your money.  Just knowing what to buy and where to buy it can save you a ton when it comes to crafting or decorating your home.  Remember those little glass gems I mentioned earlier?  They are 6 times more expensive at craft stores than the Dollar Tree.  Glass Jars?  You can pay twice as much at any other store.  

Sometimes you get what you pay for, but I promise you can't go wrong with these 8 tremendous steals! 
8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters.  Littlehouseoffour.com

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  1. The dollar store is such a jackpot for craft supplies!

  2. Wish our Pound shops stocked stuff like these.

  3. Bi-Mart is much cheaper for the glass jars.

  4. Great collection of things to buy AND awesome ideas to use them for!

  5. I always get my black self sharpening roll up eye liner there by the hand fulls! Cant beat a dollar when they are like $6 in the stores!

  6. Thank you, God, for Dollar Tree...

  7. Thank you, God, for Dollar Tree...

  8. I like all of your ideas, and I'm especially excited about the puzzle. My daughter's 16th is coming up. She could send or give these out as thank you 'cards'. So glad that I found you. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Crafting is an interactive project that needs creativity and spontaneous action. Hence, to stock up on accessories as and when we happen to see them while shopping would really increase our creativity as we go along. Since they are small in size, it would be easy to put them up in storage while waiting to be used.

  10. good points! I've always thought since they don't have "5 and Dime" stores any longer that dollar stores were the next best thing! Thanks!

  11. Great read, thanks for the tips!

  12. About the Dollar Tree,ishop there all the time. As far as the food, you can find the same food in the grocery store. When I make a grocery list, I know to go to the Dollar Tree first. That is my favorite store.

  13. I raise Monarch butterflies from eggs. All of the rearing hampers that were made for this purpose were about $15 and up. I went to the Dollar Tree and found the blue pop-up laundry hampers, plus the pack of 32 clothes pins and a pack of paper plates (to put on the bottom of the hamper to make any clean up easier) and I had at least 5 rearing hampers for lest than $7! (We found out that the dark blue allows us to see into the hampers easier to check on the Monarch caterpillars)
    We also found that the hampers can be used to cover a milkweed plant that was "recovering" from the onslaught of very hungry Monarch caterpillars. And I just put together a hands-on replication of the Monarch's life cycle using things I found at the Dollar Store. But more than saving money, I've found that chatting with the other people near you in the aisles is a great way to enjoy yourself, and to pick up new ideas.

  14. I would love to know how to do the necklace! How did you get the pic to reduce that small? I had the hardest time trying to fit my mom's face in a locket. Also, what did you use for the loop on the glass? How did you glue it?