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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

10 MUST BUY Decor Essentials From IKEA

The best and most affordable IKEA items to update and decorate your home!

If you remember, I recently took a trip to IKEA (we are lucky to have two within a 45 minute drive!) to look at sofas and pick up a few items for the basement.  Despite what you may think about IKEA'S quality, they have unbeatable prices on home decor staples that you won't want to miss.   I'm always drawn to the same items when I visit the store and thought it might be helpful to share a few of my favorite must buy IKEA essentials. 

Must buy decor essentials from IKEA

faux plants are a must buy IKEA item

IKEA is hands down my go to store for artificial plants.  Not only are they super affordable, but they are well made and the most lifelike I've seen. 

Must buy faux plants from IKEA

How to use Ikea artificial plants to decorate your home

How to use Ikea faux plants to decorate your home.

ikea frames are a must buy item
IKEA has an incredible selection of frames, perfect for creating inexpensive gallery walls.  I've used both the RIBBA and VIRSERUM frames in gallery walls around my home. 

Ikea ribba frames are an staple from IKEA

Gorgeous gallery wall using IKEA Frames

Feather pillow inserts are a must from IKEA
In my opinion, feather pillows are a must!  There's just no comparison between a feather pillow insert and poly-filled insert.   Trust me, it's worth the extra couple dollars to have the right pillows on your couch.  On my latest trip, I was shocked to see that they had 20x20 inserts for $5.99!!!  Can you believe that? Of course I bought two for our new basement couch.  
$5.00 feather pillow inserts from IKEA,

Must buy IKEA feather pillow inserts used in the bedroom

IKEA has the best pillow covers and are a must buy

Along with inserts, IKEA also has a ton of pillow covers, most costing less than $10.00  My favorite is the LAPPLJJUNG RUTA that I've used in both our living room and mudroom. 
Ikea Pillow covers

Inexpensive IKEA feather pillows and pillow covers

IKEA pillow covers are a must have item

Decorating with IKEA must haves

IKEA Raskog is a must have item

Does the RASKOG CART even need an introduction?   The organizing and storage possibilities are endless when it comes to this little versatile cart.  I've been using mine for craft storage and it's been a dream having everything mobile and in one spot.  
Gray IKEA Raskog Cart

IKEA RASKOG cart used for craft storage

This $40.00 metal drawer unit is also great for craft storage and almost came home with me on my last trip.
Ikea metal file unit
Fabric is a must buy from IKEA
IKEA has some really fun fabrics that range from $4.99-$8.99 a yard.  If you love bright colors and interesting designs than you'll love their fabric! 

Fabric from Ikea

IKEA fabrics

Ikea has the best throws and are a must buy

Along with a pillow addiction, I also have a thing for throw blankets.  Not only are they useful on chilly nights, but they are perfect for adding warmth, color, and texture to a space.   And if you have children like me then they are a must for building awesome forts in the family room :)

 Black and white IKEA throw blanket

Must buy IKEA throw in the entryway

Plant pots are a must have item from IKEA
I love the classic white flower pots that IKEA carries.  They come in a variety of patterns and are great not only for artificial plants but real ones as well.  I use them throughout my home and love giving them as gifts paired with pretty flowers. (Think teachers, neighbors, friends, etc.)
 White Ikea pots Metal pot from IKEA
***TIP*** There is no hole in the bottom of the pot.  If you use them for real plants make sure to line the bottom with rocks for proper drainage.

Storage boxes are a must buy from IKEA
Storage boxes can be expensive and add up quick if you need more than a few.  I've saved a ton of money by using many of IKEA's boxes, bins and crates to organize my home.  

Affordable IKEA storage boxes

Most of the bins (with the exception of the white boxes above) received minor updates.  I've created my own labels, added store bought labels or a bit of paint to give them a more unique and custom look. 
 How to update inexpensive IKEA storage boxes

 Inexpensive IKEA storage boxes

How to use Ikea items to update and decorate your home

IKEA rugs
IKEA has great prices on stylish rugs.  My favorite is this one, which is very similar to the rug I have in our laundry room.  They also carry lesser quality rugs that are perfect for sprucing up kids play areas or office spaces.   I currently have a $20 polka dot IKEA rug in my office (see above) that's perfect for adding a bit of playfulness to the space.  
 IKEA Rugs are an essential for decorators

Whether your opinion of IKEA is favorable or not, I'm sure you'll agree that these items would make a great addition to any home.

***Disclosure***  I am not affiliated with IKEA or being paid for this post in any way.  I am just an average girl who loves decorating her home without spending a lot of money.  IKEA just so happens to be one of the stores that allow me to do just that :)

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  1. Ikea used to have a short two shelf cart that matched the helmer drawers. I bought a red cart and two sets of red drawers. I epoxied the drawer units together and then epoxied them onto the cart (without the wheels). The drawers hold all my screws and drill bits and my drills sit on the bottom shelf of the cart. I just move the unit with me where ever it is needed. Everything is right at hand. I just love it.

    1. That sounds like the perfect place for your drills and accessories. Great idea!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!! Awesome list Katie!!

    1. Thanks girl! You really can't go wrong when it comes to IKEA :)

    2. I love ikea. I must have their stuff in nearly every room. Their bedroom furniture is especially good value.

  3. YES!! IKEA is my go to store for so many things! The Kallax (Expedit) shelving and the Alex drawers are wonderful for organizing my scrapbook and sewing items. I also love their artificial plants and picture frames. I could go on and on! What's not to love about IKEA?!!

  4. Great post! I agree with every one of these must have Ikea items. My all time favourite Ikea must have are the feather pillow inserts, they are so cheap!

  5. Ikea is great especially when you can change it up to make it look more like one of a kind!

  6. Ikea is great especially when you can change it up to make it look more like one of a kind!

  7. Great post! I had a trip planned to Ikea for tomorrow. With your great suggestions, it's sure to take me twice as long!

  8. Wow, the Raskog cart only costs 29,99 USD? I saw a lot of ideas for it that I like and would love to try but the cart costs 65 EUR where I live which is about 72 USD! That's insane!

  9. Where are the mason jars from? I love the pattern!

    1. Thanks! I believe I got them from Hobby Lobby, but I've also seen them at Michaels.

  10. I love IKEA also. I have one that is about 1 1/2 hrs away from us, so every so often, my sister and I make it a day trip. We have lunch there, browse around the furniture aisles, then we go downstairs where the real fun is! I love all the clever little gadgets there are and it seems that every time we go, there's one or two mystery tools and we have no idea what it's used for. Coming up with possible uses can get pretty silly after awhile. We always have a good time on our IKEA days.

  11. I've loved IKEA since I went to one in Germany just as the first one in the States opened...and the catalog that store sent was in German! I see what I want, but things I want or need are often not available to get by mail....the feather pillows cannot be gotten via mail....and are a little loud because of the types of feathers used

    And now, ALDI has a very close version of the RASTKOG cart, for 10 dollars less.... but I do love that white metal file cabinet....

  12. Yes i love Ikea! Off to one this weekend ! I've used the down pillow inserts for many years and many of your faves are mine as well !ill be looking at the faux plants for sure ..not something ive bought before !

  13. I love this list! Ikea is wonderful. We use their TROFAST storage bins for our kids toys and it makes the place so much nicer. I like your idea of sprucing up the plain white boxes too. They were on sale recently and I am regretting not coming home with some!