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Monday, November 27, 2023

Thrift Store Makeover: DIY Aged Ornaments

Thrift store ornaments get an aged vintage makeover! 

While on one of my many thrifting adventures, I found a large amount of Christmas ornaments in the bagged section of Goodwill. 

They're something I wouldn't have given a second thought, however, when I moved the bags I realized the ornaments were heavy, solid, and only $1 a bag. 

I immediately knew they would be perfect for an aged makeover, so I grabbed a few bags to bring home. 

thrift store ornaments before


- Thrift store ornaments (look for solid ornaments made of metal or clay)
- 400 grit sandpaper
- Rich Espresso metallic paint (Rub 'n Buff or other metallic gold paint would work too) 
- Paintbrush 
- Paper towels

The color combination of the ornaments I found was not my style but more importantly, they were solid, made of clay, and had great texture.  

Thrift store ornaments before

supplies for updating ornaments
I knew paint would adhere well to the ornaments because of the clay-like material they were made of.  Just to be safe, I lightly sanded each ornament with 400-grit sandpaper before painting. 

sanding thrift store ornaments
I applied two coats of black chalk paint to each ornament first.  I chose chalk paint because I prefer a flat dull finish.  If you like the look of shinier ornaments then black craft paint, semi-gloss, or gloss paint can be used instead.  Another option is to seal ornaments with semi-gloss or gloss polycrylic

painting ornaments black
While the last coat of black paint was still wet, I lightly dry brushed metallic gold paint onto each ornament.  To dry brush, add paint to just the tip of your paintbrush, dab the paint onto a paper towel (I used brown paper), then lightly apply it to the ornaments.

Dry brushing, while the black paint is still somewhat wet, allows the two paint colors to blend together for a natural finish.  
dry brushing gold paint

DIY aged Christmas ornaments

diy aged ornaments

updating thrift store ornaments

Updating these thrift store ornaments was a fun and easy weeknight craft project.  It's also a great budget-friendly way to decorate a tree with solid, good-quality ornaments. 

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DIY aged thrift store ornaments

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  1. Love how these turned out, you have the best Goodwill

  2. Hi Katie! Cheryl from Jacksonville here. Girl, you found the perfect ornaments to make look old. Great job!