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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Let's Go Thrifting- Auction and Thrift Store Finds Vol. 8

A curated vintage furniture and decor collection from auctions, Facebook Marketplace, and thrift stores!

It's time for another Let's Go Thrifting post

Over the past several months, I ramped up my thrift store trips, auction searches, and furniture makeovers in preparation for the Lucketts Fall Market that occurred earlier this month.

I followed my "Thrift Like a Pro" tips to help find the best items and deals.  It's been fun traveling beyond my traditional route, finding new places to pick, and constantly living for the thrill of the hunt! 

thrift store finds, thrifting, vintage finds

Today, I'm sharing some of my recent thrift store hauls, vintage finds, and furniture makeovers I've collected and completed over the past several months. 

Do you want to step up your thrifting game?  Head to How to Thrift: The Best Thrifting Tips and Tricks to learn how to make the best of your thrift store shopping. 

brass decor at thrift stores

A few weeks ago, I hit the brass candle holder jackpot at one of my favorite thrift stores.  I turned the corner, saw all the brass, and couldn't grab them off the shelf fast enough. 

After I grabbed the brass, I looked across the aisle and saw a vintage crock, which I'm sure was overlooked due to the large flowers.  
vintage crock from thrift store

thrift store brass loot shoot

On that same day, I also found a set of five goose glasses, a vintage flannel (which I kept for myself!), and an adorable handmade vintage owl planter. 
thrift store brass loot shoot

On another trip, I found various items, including brass candle holders, an MCM ice bucket, an old calendar for another DIY hymn board, and a couple shirts for my son. 
goodwill finds

I went against my own thrifting advice and didn't grab a cart, but I did find a few things on a random quick stop at Goodwill.  

Is anyone else superstitious and thinks if they grab a shopping cart they won't find anything? 
vintage jar from thrift store

rattan mirror from thrift store

flannels from thrift stores

In my How to Thrift Guide I mentioned the importance of checking every aisle.  I don't traditionally look for silver and often skip that aisle if I'm in a hurry.  On this particular day, I scanned the aisles of silver, and there sat a set of brass duck bookends randomly out of place. 
brass duck bookends from thrift store

thrift store loot shoot

It's always a pleasant surprise to find not one but three vintage pottery planters at a thrift store.  Finding two brass French horns at the same store was the icing on top of the cake. 

vintage pottery planters

vintage planters and brass horns

Here are a few more random thrift store cart shoots from the last several weeks of thrifting. 

vintage thermoses from thrift store

thrift store cart loot shoot

thrift store finds, thrift store loot shoot

thrift store loot shoot, thrift store finds

thrift store loot shoot, thrift store finds

Did you notice a theme?  Besides holiday decor,  almost every cart also has some sort of vintage brass.  It's my favorite thing to look for while thrifting.  

I also love hunting for vintage glassware, especially Indiana Whitehall Cubix and MCM highball glasses.  I've picked up many glassware sets from local auctions, but here are a few sets I've found while thrifting. 

You can see my current thrift store shopping list in How to Thrift: The Best Thrifting Tips and Tricks.

thrift store glassware

thrift store glassware finds

vintage mcm glassware

I've also been fortunate to find quality and affordable furniture pieces while thrift shopping.  

mcm dresser from Goodwill

Antique dresser from Goodwill
These wood MCM nightstands were a steal at $12.99 a piece!  They did have some veneer damage on the drawer fronts, but that was nothing I couldn't fix.  They were as good as new after wood filler, sanding, and painting. 
MCM side tables from thrift store

Updated mcm side tables

This amazing and perfectly worn leather recliner was a $38 auction find.  I took it to the Lucketts Fall Market where it sold right away.  I would have kept it for myself if I didn't already have an old leather chair I love. 
antique leather chair from Facebook Marketplace

Another auction find was this cool old industrial cabinet.  It was coated in layers of paint, which I sanded off for a beautiful raw wood look
Antique wood storage cabinet

raw wood look, antique multi-drawer storage cabinet

This old sheet music cabinet was given to me by a family member.  I wasn't fond of the center pulls, so I sanded the cabinet down and added new hardware. 
antique music abinet before

Antique music cabinet after

Antique music cabinet after

One of my favorite recent furniture makeovers was this dated credenza that I only paid $2.50 for.  I gave it a complete makeover, including removing the old trim and adding pole wrap for a more modern look. 
Dated wood Credenza

Updated black buffet

Finding affordable vintage Christmas in the wild can be challenging.  I've been lucky and scored some super cute vintage Christmas decor.
santa salt and pepper shakers
Those adorable vintage Santa salt and pepper shakers were only $1.50 at the Salvation Army.  Total score!
Christmas aisle at thrift store

vintage Santa lights from thrift store

Look at these old Santa lights!  I found them on a shelf under a pile of random Christmas lights at Goodwill.  
Vintage Christmas glasses

vintage Christmas auction finds

Last but not least, here are a few vintage loot shoots that include various items that I've collected from auctions, thrift stores, and Facebook Marketplace. 

vintage loot shoot

Vintage loot shoot

vintage lockers, antique mirror, vintage dress form

vintage brass reindeer

vintage loot shoot

Did you see anything you would have bought for yourself? 

Hunting, picking, and thrifting is my favorite way to spend my day.   I love exploring new areas and finding new places to shop.  Some days are good and some are bad, but the thrill of the hunt and finding new treasures always makes up for the days you walk out of a store empty-handed. 

thrift store finds, thrifting, vintage finds

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