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Friday, July 7, 2023

Let's Go Thrifting: Auction and Thrift Store Finds Vol 5


The last Let's Go Thrifting post I shared was back in April, just before the Lucketts Spring Market

Since then, I've slowed down a bit on traveling, thrifting, and picking, especially now that my kids are home on summer break.  Any chance I get, I still hit the roads, manage auction pick-ups, and squeeze in a little thrifting.

Some picking adventures are a total bust, while others are a huge success.  The thrill of the hunt and finding incredible new treasures makes even the bad days good. 

Let's take a look at what I've found over the past couple of months! 

Thrifting finds


Lately, I've been on the lookout for vintage glass and barware, especially, holiday drinkware, ice buckets, Indiana Glass, Anchor Hocking, and Fire-King.

The other week, I stopped in Goodwill and found two vintage ice buckets, a collection of vintage Holly Christmas glasses, brass candle holders, a milk glass vase, and a few shirts for my daughter. 

TIP: Vintage glassware is often heavier, has pontil markings on the bottom, and bubbles from being blown and molded. 

Goodwill finds, vintage ice buckets

The 1970s corrugated brass ice bucket is my favorite and even came with matching ice tongs and salt and pepper shakers. 

vintage ice buckets, vintage glassware

I also came across a nice collection of vintage American flag glasses.  It was perfect timing because I had sold an identical set the week before. 

Vintage American flag glasses

Vintage American flag flasses

Vintage Americana display
My favorite recent thrift store glassware find goes to a set of four MCM Vitreon Queen's lusterware roly poly glasses.  These glasses were found in the bagged section at Goodwill and were half off!  This is why I always say, don't bypass the aisle of bagged decor.  

The glasses were dull and covered in a film but cleaned up beautifully with dish soap and hot water!

Vintage mcm Vitreon Queens Lusterware roly poly glasses

Vintage MCM roly poly glasses

It should be no surprise that I primarily hunt for green vintage glassware.  I recently stumbled upon two lots of Anchor Hocking Soreno glassware and a large collection of green Fire King mugs

How cool are the Fire King Camelot Thumb Print mugs?  I had no idea they were so rare.  Now I wanna keep them for myself. 
Vintage Fire King mugs, Fire King Camelot thumprint


Vintage brass candle holders and animals are by far the top items I gravitate to while out thrifting.  It's always a successful thrifting day when I come home with new vintage brass. 

Vintage brass animals

brass at thrift stores


Last week, I picked up this double-sided vintage handmade cubby from Facebook Marketplace.  It was a great size and the price was a total steal. 

Vintage handmade wood cubby

Vintage wood cubby

Even though it was a great size, I felt it needed to be raised a few inches, so I added my favorite black metal triangle furniture legs.

Now the cubby is the perfect unique vintage piece for under a TV or office storage?  

Staged vintage wood cubby

antique spool cabinet, vintage brass

vintage wood cubby, vintage decor


Vintage bottles and wicker-wrapped demijohns are additional go-to items of mine.  I mostly resort to auctions for sourcing vintage bottles, which can be hit or miss in terms of affordability. 

Here are a few that I've found over the past several weeks. 

vintage glass bottle, wicker wrapped demijohn

vintage wicker wrapped demijohns


I collect vintage flower frogs and always jump at any opportunity to buy them.  About a month ago, I traveled to pick up an auction score of a variety of vintage metal and glass frogs.   None of them were incredibly rare or unique, but they were crazy cheap and totally worth the trip.
flower frogs

vintage metal flower frogs

I kept a few of my favorites and then took the rest to my vintage booth at Lily & Birch Market

Earlier this week, I picked up a two-drawer vintage card catalog, the MCM roly poly glasses, brass bookends, a few vintage pottery planters, and a jacket for myself. 
vintage wood card catalog, mcm bareware, brass

vintage card catalog, vintage brass, vintage pottery


I've always loved costume jewelry and have enjoyed hunting for neutral necklaces and bracelets, especially bakelite, celluloid, pearls, mother of pearl, and jade.  I usually find affordable costume jewelry at thrift stores and have picked up a few at local auctions.

Vintage costume jewelry

vintage costume jewelry

I absolutely love traveling and searching for new places to thrift and pick.  The best days are when I can hop in my truck, head out for the day and explore new areas.  You just never know what new places and treasures you'll find!

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vintage thrift store finds


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