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Sunday, April 23, 2023

New Vintage Furniture and Decor Finds

A curated collection of vintage furniture and decor from local and out-of-state auctions!

The Lucketts Store Spring Market is less than a month away!!! 

I've been severely neglecting the blog and my home to travel and hunt for vintage inventory for the market.   I've been participating in the vintage market for a few years and it's definitely a market to visit if you live within the DMV area. 

Today, I'm sharing a peek at some of my latest vintage hauls for Lucketts as well as new vintage items that are dropping in my online shop,

vintage loot shoot

It's not uncommon for me to be on the road a few days a week either picking up online auction buys or exploring new areas.   Lately, I've been on the road more than usual searching for the perfect vintage furniture and decor to take to the market. 

You'll quickly learn that I stick to neutrals and shades of green, which is how I decorate my own home.  I definitely buy what I love and really struggle to sell many of the items I find.  

antique and vintage haul

The "Right Turn Keep Moving" metal road sign is one of the items I would love to keep and have been enjoying in my entryway until it's time to pack up.

Just last week, I snagged an antique cash register and then spent an afternoon taking it apart and removing all the register flags and bars.  It's not the most glamorous or enjoyable project but is totally worth the effort. 

antique cash register

Along with the vintage cash register, I also snagged the items below.   I think I'm going to keep the antique dress form and add it to the other one I have in my home office.  

The rolled-up map is an antique school map from the 1880s.  How cool is that?

antique and vintage loot shoot

vintage clocks

Metal garden chairs and patio sets are perfect for spring.  This vintage set of green chairs was too good to pass up despite their need for a little TLC. 

I brought them home, gave them a good cleaning with a power washer then repainted them in a fresh coat of green and white paint.  It was a subtle change that gave them the perfect update they needed. 
vintage metal garden chairs
restored antique metal garden chairs

You know I LOVE antique hymn boards so when I found one at an out-of-state auction I HAD to have it.  Thankfully,  it was a great price and I found some cool new places to shop on my way to pick it up.

antique hymn board

I debated stripping this antique dresser or leaving it in its original condition.  It was so pretty and perfect as it was that I ended up just giving it a good cleaning then refreshing the wood with Restore-A-Finish.
antique wood dresser

antique brass peacock

I recently found a new antique and thrift store that will definitely be added to my regular rotation.   The owner was super nice, the prices were extremely fair and they had a great selection of inventory. 

The antique wood abacus, wicker-wrapped bottle, brass duck, amber bottles, and antique cast iron nail caddy were all from the antique/thrift store. 

antique amber bottles, antique decor

More cameras, brass, wood tones, and an antique dress form.  Can you see the pattern now? 

vintage and antique loot shoot

The antique bar cart is too good not to highlight, so here it is in my entry with a big and beautiful $8 auction plant.

vintage bamboo bar cart

The other month I was super lucky and scored a huge collection of cameras at unbelievable prices.  Vintage cameras can go for a lot at auctions, so I was thrilled to buy a large quantity for just a few dollars a camera. 

vintage camera display

I've been having so much fun traveling, exploring, and picking for the Lucketts Store Spring Market!   I can't wait to pull it all together with my friends Lily and Birch Market and The Past Restored.  

Okay, now that I shared what I've been buying over the last month, it's time to share items available in my next vintage drop!

If you're like me and like to decorate your home with vintage decor then check out my shop and all the new inventory that will be available Monday, April 24th at 12:00pm EST. 

vintage finds

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  1. Love the Right Turn Sign! Hope to see it in the shop soon:)