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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Affordable Etsy Art and New Mudroom Art

Do you like the look of original art, but can't stomach the high price tag?  Consider these beautiful, affordable and unique prints from Etsy!

Happy Thursday!

Today was cloudy, rainy and a stay inside and do nothing kind of day.  

Since working outside on furniture was out of the question, I decided to do a little indoor decor swap instead.  

A few weeks ago, I came across a Golden Retriever sketch and knew right away I had to order one for my home.  At the time, I had no idea where I would hang the dog print, but knew it would make the perfect addition to my decor.  I mean, it's a Golden Retriever that looks just like my Ellie.  How could I resist?  

Vintage modern mudroom, etsy artwork

The print is a copy of an original pencil sketch drawing by artist Ethan Harbor.   I ordered a 12x16  Giclee print and I can't say enough about the amazing quality.  It totally exceeded my expectations. 

I paired the print with a natural wood frame that I bought from Michaels.  I usually lean towards cooler tones, but the frame felt a little too cool for the background of the print.  To add some warmth to the wood, I went over the entire frame with Old English in dark wood.  The change was subtle, but just what I was looking for. 

Golden Retriever sketch from Etsy

Vintage mudroom, Golden Retriever sketch art

I may move the print to my office once it comes time to decorate the new space, but for now, I'm enjoying seeing the adorable Golden every time I walk out the door.  

Vintage modern mudroom and etsy art

Filling my home with unique art that tells a story or reflects my personality is one of my favorite ways to make my home feel collected and lived in.

To help you decorate your own home, I rounded up a few of my favorite Etsy print shops below.  Some sell instant downloads and some sell actual art prints.  I'm also sharing a few of my favorite tips for creating the perfect eclectic gallery wall.


1. Ethan Harper Art Prints - Hand-drawn sketches and custom art

2. Heirloom Print Shop - Vintage art prints and digital downloads

3. Olive and Oak Prints- A curated collection of vintage art prints

4. Arteex - Digital art prints for every style

5. North Prints - Printable vintage art

6. Circa Art Collection- A curated collection of printable vintage art


  • Lay frames on the floor and arrange until you are happy with the layout. Use painter's tape or cut paper to frame sizes to help transfer your layout to the wall. 
  • Vary frame sizes.  Start with one or two larger frames then fill in the gaps with smaller frames.
  • Hang frames both vertical and horizontal.
  • Mix up the color, style and shape of frames.  Don't get hung up on matching frames.  As long as you are staying within a color scheme or style your frames will look collected, yet intentional.
  • Make it personal. It's your home and your place to show your personality. Display special artwork or personal effects that remind you of your family, pets and special memories. 
  • Hang frames no less than 1 inch apart.  You're going for eclectic and intentional not crowded and forced.  
  • Think outside of the box.  Baskets, hats, hooks, plants and other fun home decor can make the perfect addition and add great texture and dimension to a gallery wall. 


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Favorite Etsy print shops and artwork

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