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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How to Make a Geometric Wood Bead Garland

An easy tutorial for creating a modern geometric wood bead garland using inexpensive square dowels.

If you read the mudroom reveal post I shared the other week, then you may remember the geometric wood garland I had hanging above my DIY leather tufted bench.   Even though I knew the garland would be an easy DIY project, I paid the $20 and figured I'd use it as inspiration.

Luckily,  recreating the geometric wood garland was one of those projects where the supplies ended up costing a fraction of the price of the HomeGoods garland.  I was able to use what I had on hand,  making my DIY version just under $5.00!

How to make a geometric dowel garland

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- 1" x 1" x 36" square dowel 
- Better With Age Vintage Wood (or paint/stain of your choice) 
- Drill bit
- Jute (Dollar Tree)
- Scissors

I still have the original garland hanging in the mudroom, but I went ahead and created my own wood garland using inexpensive square dowels from Home Depot.  They have multiple size dowels, so you can alter the size if you prefer a smaller or larger wood garland.  

Wood garland from HomeGoods
I went with the 1" x 36" square dowel.  It was the perfect size to cut 12 one inch squares, 12 half-inch squares and 12 triangles.  If you want a longer garland then you'll need 2 dowels, which is still super affordable.  
Square dowel from Home Depot
STEP ONE: Using a miter saw, cut 12 one-inch cubes off the end of the dowel.
Cut dowel into 1 inch squares

STEP TWO: Cut 12 half-inch squares off the dowel.

STEP THREE: Move angle on miter saw to 30 degrees and cut 12 triangles.  Cut one side of the dowel then rotate dowel 180 degrees and make another cut, forming a triangle.
Cut dowel into 1 inch triangles

Cut wood pieces from square dowel

STEP FOUR: Using a sander (I found my Dewalt Orbital sander to work best), sand all sides and corners of each piece of wood.

Sanding cut dowel pieces
STEP FIVE: You can keep the wood raw or add paint or stain of your choice.  I prefer to use Vintage Wood Better With Age for a naturally aged look.
Staining wood dowel pieces

Staining wood with Vintage Wood Better With Age
STEP SIX: Drill holes in each piece of wood large enough for beads to be threaded on jute twine.

***TIP*** Start with a smaller drill bit on the triangles then work up to a larger bit.  I didn't do this and ended up splitting two triangles.
drill holes in wood dowel pieces

cut, sanded and stained wood dowel pieces
STEP SEVEN: Thread beads on jute twine.
Threaded dowel beads onto Jute twine
I created a loop at each end of the garland, made a knot large enough that the beads wouldn't slip through then threaded the cut end of jute through the end of the garland.

***Follow my tutorial for the Wood Bead Tassel Garland if you prefer tassels at the end of your garland ***
Making a geometric wood bead garland

DIY geometric wood dowel garland

Wood bead garland using square dowels

How to make a geometric wood bead garland

I think I'll use two square dowels for the next geometric garland, but I'm still happy with how the garland turned out using just one dowel.  

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How to make a wood bead garland out of square dowels

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