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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Free Window Wall Decor For The Mudroom

Are you in need of large scale wall art, but don't want to spend a lot of money?  Hanging free vintage windows was the perfect solution for our mudroom and just might be the right solution for you! 

I've been stumped on how to decorate the long wall in our mudroom ever since construction ended a few years ago.   Currently, the addition is temporarily divided between our mudroom and my office (until we knock down walls to expand our kitchen).  It's a long narrow space that can be tricky to decorate, especially since it's split between two rooms.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to find a set of 5 vintage theatre chairs that perfectly filled the awkward floor space, but I was still stumped on what to do on the wall.   I didn't want to spend a lot of money or hang anything dark and heavy.  That's when I realized I had a bunch of old windows that would make for perfect wall decor.

Free vintage windows and vintage theatre chairs in a mudroom

A friend had posted a bunch of them for free on Facebook Marketplace and I messaged her right away and was able to take most of what she had.  I gave some away, sold a few at Sweet Clover Barn and kept a few for myself.  I love that they're a little different than your typical 6 pane windows.
Hanging old windows for free wall decor

I hung them by adding 2 D ring picture hangers to either side of the back of the windows.  I then used a tape measure and laser level to space them evenly and level on the wall.   I didn't have to use wall anchors for my windows, but if you're hanging heavy windows I would suggest using them for extra support.
Hanging old windows for free wall decor
I also didn't seal the windows since they're up on the wall and won't be touched, like say, a door would.  I did, however, scrape off any chipping paint to limit what falls on the chairs and floor.
If you want windows for your own home I would suggest checking Facebook Marketplace first.  Just type in "old windows" and you'll get a bunch of search results at various price points.  Don't forget about your Facebook friends either.  Ask if anyone works for a window company that disposes of old windows and is willing to let you come get a few.  

If all else fails, many local antique shops and vintage barns seem to always have a variety of old windows for sale. 
Free windows hung in a mudroom

I'm thrilled that I finally found the perfect solution for the long awkward wall in our mudroom.  The old chippy windows add just enough interest and texture while also keeping the room light and airy.  

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  1. Lovely job, Katie, as usual! I always appreciate an economic project that truly is economical. So many folks say it is, but their economic project and mine differ a lot!! Love the mudroom and am jealous I don't have one😁! Thanks for sharing, until next time, keep on posting!!

  2. I absolutely love the whole room. Looks very unique, just the kind of decorating I love.