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Thursday, February 1, 2018

20 Free Botanical Prints and Easy DIY Wall Hanging

Scientific botanical printables perfect for creating FREE and beautiful wall hangings or large scale art.

Finding affordable art for your walls is not always easy.  That's where getting creative and using free resources comes in handy.  I've gathered 20 of my favorite FREE botanical prints, perfect for creating a gallery wall, wall hanging or large scale artwork. 

free botanical printable and wall hanging

20 free botanical wall printables

If you want to print and make your own free botanical wall art, you can download them by subscribing.   After confirming your subscription you will receive a welcome e-mail that includes links to all past and present printables.  

(If you are already a subscriber there is no need to do anything.  The link to the botanical prints was included at the bottom of today's e-mail)

The botanical prints can be printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper then popped into a frame for instant and FREE artwork.  

Are you looking for something much larger? 

They can also be made into engineer prints for oversized art for your walls.  Place them in a frame or if you're feeling creative you can DIY your own for a unique and personalized look. 


I have found that ordering through Staples is the easiest and cheapest way to get larger prints for less.  Simply click here then select black and white or colored depending on the picture and look you are trying to achieve.  Click "add files", choose the photo or picture you want to upload, click "upload."  Once your image has completed uploading you'll click "done."  You can then choose the size and orientation of your blueprint.  I always skip the shipping and pick up my prints at our local Staples.

I wanted instant gratification, so I printed mine out and created an easy and inexpensive wall hanging.  It's the perfect way to add a touch of Spring to your everyday decor.  Yes, I already have spring on my mind! 

Easy DIY botanical wall hanging

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Supplies for DIY wall hanging
After printing the botanical print, I used my paper cutter to trim off the access paper.  
Removing access paper from  botanical printable
I cut my wood dowels using a mitre saw (you can use a hand saw or utility knife) then applied a coat of Minwax Espresso stain.  
stain supplies for staining wood dowels
You could always attach your wood pieces right to your printable, but I glued mine to a piece of scrapbook paper to make it a little more durable.

***TIP*** Use a straight edge tool or ruler to smooth out any bubbles then place a heavy object on top your printable to allow it to dry flat.
Glue printable to scrapbook paper

Gluing wood dowel to botanical printable
Once the glue and stain were dry, I used multi purpose glue to sandwich the printable in between two wood dowels.  I then predrilled two holes in the back dowel before screwing in the cup hooks.  (Do not skip this step.  The dowels are soft and thin and will split if you do not pre drill holes.)
Pre-drilling holes in wood dowel
I could have used wire, jute or a chain to hang my wall hanging, but I chose to use white hemp cord that I had in my craft stash.  I also grabbed a few leftover 10 mm wood beads and added them onto my string.  
string and beads for wood wall hanging
They work great for hiding the knots and adding a little extra character to the wall hanging.
(Just tie off your knot a few times then fish the end of your string through the beads.)
Attaching string and beads to wall hanging
This little hanging botanical art kind of started a little spring decorating in the mudroom.  What can I say?  There just isn't anything more cheerful than bright spring greenery!
DIY botanical wall hanging

how to make a botanical wall hanging

20 free botanical print easy diy wall hanging

free botanical prints and diy wall hanging

20 free potanical prints and easy wall hanging

Spring mudroom with DIY botanical print wall hanging

No matter if you pop the free printables in a frame, create a wall hanging or blow them up as engineer prints, they are perfect for adding a touch of farmhouse to your decor.

20 free scientific botanical prints and easy wall hanging

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  1. Love! I really like the hooks and beads 'twist' you put on this!

  2. Thank you so much for doing all the hard work for all of us. I have contacted all the printing-office stores in Indianapolis are and they will not print these as engineer prints unless they are line drawing and in black or blue. Can't tell you how this bummed me out. But I can print from my computer because I love these prints. Thanks again

    1. Rita, it looks like you could do a "poster" print instead of the Engineering print at Staples. I think that's what I am going to try.

  3. I have subscribed but am unable to download the botanical prints.

    1. Did you receive the welcome e-mail? There are links to all past and present printables at the bottom of that e-mail.

  4. I subscribed too and am unable to download. Only one botanical print is available to me. Botanical-print-six. Aren't there supposed to be 19 others? How do I access them?

    1. Please send me an e-mail ( and I would be happy to forward the link. Thanks!