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Sunday, January 7, 2018

How to Transition Your Home From Christmas to Winter

Tips and ideas to help you easily transition your decor from Christmas to winter. 

Every year, I tend to get a little carried away and want to pack up every last bit of holiday decor.  I love the pops of red and the cozy feel of our home during Christmas, but nothing beats starting off a new year with a fresh clean slate.

This year was no different.  I pulled out the Christmas bins, packed away all the holiday decor then quickly realized it was a bit too stark.   The sparkle was gone, the vases were empty and the tables were bare.  Not only was Christmas packed away, but there was no sign of winter either.  I wasn't ready to go back to my everyday decor, so I unpacked some bins and left out a few pieces perfect for transitioning from Christmas to winter.

Decorating for winter with candles


1. Pack away pops of red and keep decor neutral

Do you add red to your home for Christmas?  I traditionally decorate with neutral decor, so I love adding red for the holidays.  Swapping out the red pillows and throws with more neutral tones removed any sign of Christmas, yet kept our home cozy for winter. 

pack away pops of red to transition from Christmas to winter
Sources: Wood nesting houses / Vase (HomeGoods) / Mirror (HomeGoods) / Shades / Curtains (HomeGoods) / Rug /  Door Color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore / Wall Color: Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige

keep winter decor neutral

2.  Leave out faux winter greenery (pinecones are okay, too!)

The fresh pine garland that I hung on our mantel may be dry, crisp, and ready for the trash, but that doesn't mean faux greenery had to be packed away too.  Sparse pine trees, garland, winter picks, and pinecones are great all winter.

Decorate with faux greenery

keeps things neutral for winter decorating

Decorate for winter with faux greenery

Easy tips to transition from Christmas to Winter

3. Keep it cozy with faux fur blankets and wool knit pillows

I may have packed away my Christmas throws and pillows, but leaving out the faux fur blanket,  wool knit, and natural denim pillows kept our living room feeling comfy, cozy, and perfect for winter.
Keep wool knit pillows and faux fur blankets our for winter

Sources: Sofa / Side Table / Dining Room Clock / Wool Knit Pillow (HomeGoods) / Denim Striped Pillow / Brass Bank Vase / Stacked Ball Lamp

Decorate for winter with faux fur blankets and cozy knit pillows

4. Candles and twinkling lights are okay even after Christmas

There's nothing better on a cold winter night than relaxing by a fire or surrounded by flickering flames of lights or candles.  Since our living room lacks a fireplace, I like to warm up the space with real wax, dancing flame, battery operated candles.   My mom got me a couple for Christmas and I love that they have a timer and automatically come on every evening.  They're the perfect alternative if you would rather not have real candles lit around your home. 

Candles and twinkling light are okay after Christmas

How to transition your home from Christmas to Winter

No matter how subtle or elaborate you decorate for Christmas, I hope you found these easy tips and ideas helpful to transition your home and decor from Christmas to winter.

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Easy ideas to help transition from winter to Christmas

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  1. Hi Katie
    Where did you get the jingle bells? I love them! laura

    1. Hi Laura! I bought them this year from Target, but they are no longer available :(

  2. I keep Christmas Alive even after the Holidays as We live in what's Called "The Christmas City" Prescott, AZ.

  3. I just started following your blog and am loving your style!! Would you mind sharing where your curtain rods are from? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Molly! Thanks so much for following along. Believe it or not the curtain rode was bought from Walmart. I couldn't find a solid black one I liked at HomeGoods or TJMaxx, so I popped into Walmart and they had exactly what I was looking for.

  4. I love these ideas. I got to get busy, because your home is gorgeous. Happy 2018

  5. We have the same door as you, + we painted ours black, too! Home Depot.