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Sunday, October 15, 2017

High Contrast, Dark and Moody Bedroom Update

A dark and moody bedroom update with Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore!

I'm no stranger to painting our doors, windows and walls dark, so it should be of no surprise that I went dark and moody in our master bedroom too.   It's definetely moving in a slightly different direction than the mood board I shared, but I'm loving how this space is evolving. 

dark and moody, high contrast, shwerin-williams iron ore, bedroom
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The last time I shared this space I had just put together the new bed, side tables and dresser and hung the bronze sconce lights.  I really liked how everything looked, but the stripe wall just seemed a bit off for the space.   I painted it a few years ago and I was ready for a change, a dark and moody, high contrast, Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore kind of change.
Modern farmhouse bedroom

High Contrast, dark and moody, bedroom, sherwin-williams Iron Ore

As soon as I got the paint on the walls I knew right away going dark was worth the risk and the right choice for the space.  I wasn't sure how the dark headboard would work against the dark wall, but I'm really digging the tone on tone look. 
High contrast, dark and moody bedroom, sherwin-williams iron ore, gold scone lights

You may also notice that I updated the bronze sconce lights too.  When I ordered them a few months ago I wasn't planning on painting the wall dark and they ended up completely blending in with the wall.   In an effort to make them pop I gave each one a few light coats of gold spray paint and Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff

spray painting gold lamps
(I'd like to point out that my husband is the one who drinks the cheap beer, ha) 
high contrast master bedroom, sherwin-williams iron ore
Once I got the lights hung I painted a Cordmate Cord Channel the same color as the wall to  tidy up the unruly light cords.  
sherwin-williams iron ore, gold sconce lights, bedroom, tone on tone
While I was at it,  I sewed two pillows using faux leather fabric from JoAnns and brought in the silhouette pictures from the hall gallery wall and the white framed pictures from the basement.   (The larger white frame pictures above the bed are only temporary until I get the engineer photo and frame finished.)

Dark and moody bedroom update, high contrast, modern farmhouse

High contrast bedroom makeover, dark and moody, bedroom, sherwin-williams iron ore

modern farmhouse  bedroom makeover, tone on tone, sherwin-williams iron ore
I still have a bit to do in the bedroom, but I'm loving the contrast the dark wall adds to the space.  What do you think?  Do you prefer the look of the striped wall and bronze lamps or dark wall and brass lamps? 
master bedroom farmhouse makeover, high contrast, dark and moody, sherwin-williams iron ore

- Find new Duvet (since our lovely puppy chewed up the one I just bought and is no longer in stock)
- Paint the remaining 3 walls
- Hang artwork above the bed (the two pictures are temporary)
- Replace ceiling fan
- Pillows for the bed (I'm crushing on these)
- Find new curtains

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  1. This came out great! Love the light fixture and my husband loves that cheap beer too 😂

  2. Love it this way. But, I also have to say, I like it as an accent wall. Do you think it might be dark with all the walls that color? Maybe not, I guess we will see! Great job so far!!

    1. Thanks Laura! Oh, I won't be painting the other walls dark. They will be either white or a very light gray :)

  3. I LOVE THIS! It adds such character. And those pillows are everything. Great job.

  4. It was pretty before, but its stunning now! Loving the perfect shade of grey, the headboard against it, and the gold with it! Have you considered giving the nightstand knobs the same (gold) treatment as the lights? Thank you for sharing this along with all the details and links for products and colors.

    1. Thanks so much Dena! I have thought about it, but I like the contrast of the dark knobs against the light wood. You never know though, nothing is safe in our house, ha!

  5. It is unanimous, the new moody wall is a winner. Well done you. Cheers, Ardith

  6. I love the dark paint!!! Natural Light - reminds me of my college days. The room looks amazing!

  7. Hi Katie, this looks incredible! I am wanting to repaint our master as well and I had something similar in mind. Great job!!!!! xoxoxo Christine from Little Brags

  8. ABSOLUTELY love the dark color!

  9. What is the light grey color on the other walls? I am having trouble with my greys looking light blue.

  10. Hi Katie. Love the dark accent wall! Also like the lighter walls - do you recall what that color is? I'm looking to do a similar look for our master bedroom. Thank you!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much. The lighter wall is called Worldly Gray by Sherwin-Williams