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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Message Board

It's Monthly DIY Challenge time!
12 DIY chalkboard projects
This month's theme was chalkboard and I knew exactly what I wanted to build!  Do you remember when I went to the Haven conference in August?  I was lucky enough to come home with a suitcase full of DIY supplies, including a magnetic chalkboard!  I knew with the help of a few additions I could turn it into the perfect message board for our mudroom. 

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I loved the idea of having a magnetic chalkboard message board, but the shape of the board I received was not exactly my style.  Thankfully, updating the board to fit the style of our home was a super easy fix.

Magnetix chalkboard cut out
I started by cutting down popular boards at 45 degree angles to create a frame.  I stained each piece with one coat of Minwax espresso stain and let them dry.
magnetic chalkboard and cut frame pieces
Given the fact that both the wood and magnetic boards were thin I attached the wood to the chalkboard with my go to glue, rapid fuse wood adhesive.
Gluing wood frame to magnetic chalkboard
I spray painted four "L" brackets with my favorite ORB spray paint then added them to each corner using black cut tacks.

***TIP***pre-drill holes to reduce the risk of wood splitting.
Pre drilling holes for corner brackets
While I had the spray paint out I also sprayed a few coats onto an inexpensive white Dollar Tree basket that I dressed up with an adhesive label.  I attached the basket to the message board using 2 brass upholstery tacks. 
Spray painted basket on chalkboard message board
It's the perfect place to write notes, hang important information or inspirational quotes. You can print your own Make it Happen printable from in my own style here
magnetic chalkboard message board

DIY magnetic chalkboard message board

Make it happen free printable

DIY magnetic chalkboard message board

Magnetic chalkboard message board

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  1. Oh this is SO cute! I love the little gold accents and how well it fits into that little nook area! Perfect for leaving notes!

  2. Love this, Katie! Adding the little basket to the front was a great idea.

  3. Hi! I just wanted to come thank you for the tutorial. I made it a few days ago and we are loving it. It is so useful that I want one for each room! Thank you so much!