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Monday, December 5, 2016

Trash to Treasure: Old Artwork Turned Eye Chart

I thought I would step away from the Christmas decor and share a project that's been on my "To Do" list for more than a year.  You all know I love making signs and turning inexpensive pieces into perfect decor for my home, right?  Well, I've had Owen's old alphabet artwork sitting in our basement ever since he told me it's for babies and he didn't want it in his room anymore.  (insert sad face here!)

I always loved the picture and couldn't bare to cover it up, but I finally bit the bullet and turned it into a beautiful piece for our home with the help from Testors.  When they asked if I would be willing to try out their airbrush kit I couldn't resist.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do and it gave me the perfect excuse to knock this trash to treasure project off my list.
Old artwork turned vintage eye chart
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-Thrifted artwork or canvas
- Chalk paint
- Various size alphabet stencils
- Propellant or air compressor
- Testors Aztek airbrush kit
- Black airbrush paint
- Small craft paint brushes (for touch ups)
-Ruler /tape measure (to help keep everything level)


Old artwork before
 I started by covering the entire artwork with two coats of light gray chalk paint.   Covering artwork with chalk paint.
After the paint was dry I laid out my stencils to get an idea of how everything would look.
Multiple size alphabet stencils

Laying out stencils on painted art work
I then grabbed the airbrush and the accessories I needed.  I've never airbrushed anything in my life and was surprised how easy it was to get started.  I simply filled the enclosed glass jar with my black paint, screwed my cord into the propellant and added a tip to the end of my airbrush.
Testor Aztek airbrush kit and accessories.

I practiced on a piece of paper before applying paint to my canvas and it didn't take long before I really got the hang of things.  The airbrush is small enough that it fits comfortably in your hands making it very easy to maneuver.
Using airbrush to make vintage eyechart
Obviously, I wasn't worried about being precise since I was filling in stencils, but it wouldn't be hard to make some neat artwork and designs.  Considering I am far from an artist I opted to go the easy route and simply fill in stencils.
airbrushing stencils to make eye chart.
 I worked my way down the canvas tapping my stencils to my canvas as I went.
spraying stencil for eye chart
In no time my eye chart was complete and perfect for our home.
Old artwork turned vintage eye chart

Old artwork turned eye chart

Old artwork turned vintage eye chart

Old artwork turned vintage eye chart

Old artwork turned vintage eye chart.

Trash to Treasure: old artwork turned vintage eye chart.

This this won't be the last time I use an airbrush to create DIY art and signs.  I found it much easier than stenciling and loved that it left crisper/smoother lines.

A huge thank you to Testors for sponsoring this post.  As always all opinions are 100% my own :)

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  1. SUCH a cool way to repurpose that old art! BRILLIANT!

  2. Love how you turned this into something new and awesome!

  3. Such a cool idea, Katie! I need to try airbrushing!

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