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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{Garage Progress} New lighting and Doors

The garage is finally moving along and tons of progress is being made.  That makes me one happy girl!  Now, if only I could get the smelly dumpster out of our front yard.

The electrician came yesterday, the roof should be done this week, drywall will be installed next week, and the garage doors will be installed on the 17th.
Last week the correct trusses were finally delivered and the kitchen/mudroom addition was framed.  We were also able to install the mudroom door and new hardware.   I ended up going with this set from Home Depot for both the mudroom and front door.

I've also been searching for columns to install on the little porch area to hide the electrical box.  I haven't found any that I like, so were looking into custom built square columns.  Not to be confused with the "custom" built down spout.

(inside the mudroom/kitchen)
The full glass door was not my first choice, but my husband really wanted as much light to come through the front of the house.  It's the same door that we have on the side of our house and I love that the blinds are inside the glass and can be opened or closed for more privacy.

The brick step is just temporarily until we get the new step installed.  I originally wanted to have concrete poured, but after living with the old brick step I'm leaning towards using brick to tie in the brick from the original house.

Now for my favorite part, the craftsman style front door that I've been dying to get installed!  The other morning as I left for work the old door was removed and the new one installed.  I am IN LOVE with this door.   Is it odd that I like to walk through the living room just to check out the door?
My husband also replaced the old light fixture with this one from Home Depot.  The same lights will go outside the garage and mudroom doors.

It's amazing how much brighter our living room looks with a white door.  I have to admit, I miss our old navy door but it's nice to have a bright white door again.
If the doors, hardware and electrical weren't enough, our roofer also started working on the roof and should be finished this Thursday!

We knew the roof wasn't going to match up exactly (our old roof was replaced shortly after we bought our house 8 years ago), but I am pleasantly surprised that the transition isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Hopefully, the next update will include a completed roof, garage doors and siding!

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  1. I really like your new front door! Things are really coming along now with your addition...I bet you are really excited to be finally getting to the more fun parts. : )

    1. Yes! I couldn't be more thrilled to have most of the dirty work behind us. Picking out all the fun details is exciting! I can't wait till were ready to finish off the mudroom and kitchen!

  2. I love that door! I've been wishing we could update ours to something like this for years. And that is the same handle set I have my eyes on for ours, love the rectangle backings.

    1. Thanks Emily! I fell in love with the door as soon as I saw it online! It matches our garage doors almost exactly! Hopefully, you'll be able to swap out your door and handle soon! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. Looking good! That door is gorgeous! May I ask what company it is made by? We've been looking to have our front door replaced too!