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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Let's Go Thrifting: Auction and Thrift Store Finds Vol 9

A curated vintage furniture and decor collection from auctions, Facebook Marketplace, and thrift stores!

It's time for another edition of Let's Go Thrifting

In my area, thrifting during the winter is a little slower than in warmer seasons.   It's much slimmer pickings and more times than not I walk out empty-handed.  

I say this, to remind you to stay encouraged while thrifting.  Each day is different and you never know what treasures you'll find!  It's better to walk out of a store empty-handed than miss out on possible deals. 
Vintage auction and thrift store finds
I live in Maryland and often travel to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia to thrift and pick up auction finds.  I always follow my Thrift Like A Pro Tips to help find the best items and deals.

My current thrifting list consists of the following: 

- Vintage jeans
- Vintage flannels (wool, made in USA, Woolrich, Pendleton)
- Wood furniture (solid wood, smoke-free, dovetail joints)
- Old books 
- Vintage and antique items
- Vintage glassware (Anchor Hocking, Whitehall, Fireking, Libby, Jadeite, Fenton Hobnail)
- Vintage brass animals and candle holders
- Vintage pottery (USA, Hull, McCoy)
- Hoodies, shirts, and shorts for my children
- Anything that can be upcycled or repurposed

Today, I'm sharing what I found while thrifting after Christmas through the beginning of the year.  

Let's start off with a few thrift store finds and hauls. 

MCM glassware

Do you remember the set of four MCM Vitreon Queen's Lusterware roly poly glasses I previously found while thrifting?  I don't often come across these glasses, so I was thrilled to find a set of six wine glasses.

Wouldn't they look so good styled on a vintage bar cart or open shelving? 

Green Indiana White Hall Cubix glasses

A full set of green Indiana White Hall Cubix glasses with a pitcher?  Yes, please!  

thrift store kitchen storage aisle

Can you pick out what I snagged from the kitchen storage shelves?

thrift store cart shoot

Did you guess correctly?

I always look for vintage brass while thrifting and have been fortunate to find some great pieces.  Unfortunately, prices are rising and I often find myself leaving more and more great pieces behind. 

These amazing brass owls would have come home with me, but they were too pricey at $24.24.  It's not a terrible price for retail but it's definitely overpriced for a thrift store. 

Thrift store brass owl

Thrift store loot shoot

thrift store brass and glass loot shoot

I also found some great vintage Christmas items over the past few months.  

Can you believe I found two vintage Santa mugs at Habitat For Humanity for $1.00 a piece?  That's unheard of these days!
vintage Santa mugs

Vintage Santa mug

Vintage Christmas loot shoot

Vintage Christmas display

I went from only finding a few vintage Season's Greetings glasses before Christmas to finding them in almost every store I visited. 

Vintage Seasons Greetings glasses

Vintage brass from thrift store

thrift store haul

I hit the jackpot in one of my go-to thrift stores and stumbled upon over 25 and yes I bought every last one! 

Thrift store Christmas glasses

Thrift store cart shoot

On a couple other thrifting trips, I found vintage brass,  vintage Christmas items, clothes for the kids, and random vintage decor. 
Thrift store brass candle holders

antique clock from thrift store

thrift store cart shoot

Thrift store cart shoot
How awesome is the brass hour glass?  I may have to keep that for myself!

Thrift store haul

thrift store cart shoot

Do you spy the vintage brass cranes?   They should have been placed in the brass aisle and not with figurines.  This is exactly why I check every aisle while thrifting.  You never know what an employee or customer has misplaced. 

Thrift store brass cranes

Have you ever found an antique dress form at a thrift store?  This is the first one I've come across worth buying and at $12 it was a no-brainer!

Antique dress form from thrift store

white planters from thrift store

As I walked around the store,  three people told me it was a great find and they wished they had found it sooner!  That's when you know you got a great deal.

thrift store cart shoot

I also picked up three sets of glassware and a Pyrex dish on the same trip.

A few weeks ago, I found an antique hymn board on Facebook Marketplace that was listed by an out-of-state thrift store.  Thankfully, it was along my usual thrifting/antiquing route, so I left for a road trip the next day. 

TIP:  Always look outside of your local area when searching Facebook Marketplace.  You might find something worth the drive and stumble upon new places to shop. 

The Bees' Needs Thrift Store

Finding new stores is always exciting and this cute little thrift store was no different.  The employees were super friendly and it had a great selection of items. 

vintage post card and paper

I flipped through a bin of antique paper and postcards and found a nice stack of old clock faces and an Abraham Lincoln postcard.  

Old paper ephemera is always fun to look through.  You never know what treasures you may find!

It's been cold lately, so I've slacked on taking pictures of recent auction finds.  Here are a few shots from the auction listings and how I staged the items in my vintage booth at Lily & Birch Market.

Auction finds

Antique juggling pins and weights

Vintage for rent signs

Staged vintage items

Staged vintage booth

Staged vintage booth, antique display cabinet

Staged vintage items

I also participate in the Lucketts Markets, which occur in the spring and fall.  I've already started hoarding items for the spring market this May!

Vintage loot shoot

vintage loot shoot

vintage time in and out board

vintage brass cranes, brass owl

What's your favorite item from my latest thrifting and auction adventures?  

I only buy what I love, which makes it nearly impossible to choose.  If I had to pick, It would be a tie between the hymn board and antique display cabinet.  I'm a sucker for antique hymn boards and the arched glass in the cabinet is too good not to love. 

Spring is a few short weeks away and I can't wait!  Thrift stores tend to have better inventory and flea markets and yard sales will be in full swing.  

Thrift store and vintage finds

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  1. Great hauls! I wish Illinois weren't so far from your booth. Making it to Lucketts Market has been on my bucket list for years now. My favorites from your finds are the brass animals

  2. I would love to run into some french horns for decor! I go thrifting every week but I don't find the good stuff like others. Can't wait til yard sales start back up this year!

  3. You have some great finds. Unfortunately, for me, I cant thrift any more. I find way too much that gives me joy for the amount of storage in my home. My current pieces give me more joy than my finds so no thinning either.Much sadness.