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Thursday, March 14, 2024

10 Budget-Friendly Spring Refresh Ideas

Budget-friendly spring decor ideas to help refresh and lighten your home! 

There's nothing like longer days and warmer weather to encourage you to clean and freshen your home for spring. 

I'm a neutral decorator who gravitates towards high-contrast black-and-white decor, but once the days get longer and the weather warms I like to lighten my home decor.  

Today, I'm sharing budget-friendly spring home decor ideas to help refresh your home! 

Budget-friendly spring decorating


1.  Replace winter plants, stems, and florals 

Swapping out dark, dense, and heavy winter greenery for leafy stems and faux florals will lighten and brighten a room.  Opt for real-touch greenery with muted and waxy stems for the best realistic look. 

TIP: Consider clipping branches and fresh flowers as they bud and bloom around your yard.  They are perfect for displaying in found wood water jugs, glass vases, and demijohns.

Spring entry decorated with plants

2.  Paint Trim 

White baseboards and trim molding get dirty and scuffed through daily living.  Cleaning them well and applying a fresh coat of paint is an easy DIY project that instantly turns them from dirty and dingy to fresh and new. 


Swap out art and update your walls for spring with free printables and downloadable art.  You can keep art neutral, use pastel shades, or add a fun and bright pop of color for spring! 

Free public domain sites and Etsy are great sources for free and affordable art prints that can be printed at home or at a print shop.  

TIP: Source frames from thrift stores for an even more affordable spring decor update. 


Free spring printables

4. Lighten Curtains 

I recently swapped my dark and heavy green velvet drapes for a white linen alternative.  The new window panel drapes instantly lightened the space and added much-needed contrast to the dining room.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics such as Cotton and linen blends are great and ideal for Spring and Summer.

light-weight curtains for spring

vintage-modern dining room

5.  SWAP Throw Pillows

My favorite budget-friendly way to instantly update and brighten a room is with throw pillows!  Reusing down inserts and swapping just the pillow cover will save money and storage space.  


Pick a pillow cover 1-2 inches smaller than your pillow insert for a full and professional look.  For instance, if you have a 20" x 20" pillow insert then opt for an 18" x 18" pillow cover.

adffordable spring pillow covers


The best FREE way to make your home feel fresh and clean for spring is to clean and declutter.  

- Deep clean blinds and windows to maximize natural light
- Purge closets, and donate unused and unwanted items
- Make sure everything in your house has a home
- Dust and wipe down ceiling fans and light fixtures
- Shampoo carpets and rugs
- Vacuum couches and upholstery 
- Wash curtains 
- Wipe down baseboards, walls, and cabinets


Indoor house plants help lower stress levels, improve air quality, boost your mood, and enhance the overall appearance of a room.  If you love house plants but can barely remember to water them, let spring be a reminder to give your house plants a little pampering. 

Spring is the start of the active growth season for plants.  Longer days and increased light trigger growth making it an optimal time to repot, divide, and propagate.  Repot rootbound plants, wipe down leaves, fight off pests with leaf care spray, and fertilize your plants to ensure they look their best.  

Do you have plant-loving friends?  Propagate house plants and then swap with friends for a free way to grow your house plant collection!

Propagating plants

Kitchen decorated with plants


If daring, consider boosting your curb appeal and adding new life to your front door with a fun pop of color for Spring! 

TIP:  Most paint stores have "oops" paint that can be purchased for a fraction of the price.


When the days get longer and the weather warms, I swap my heavy winter bedding (a green velvet Crate & Barrel quilt I found secondhand) for a vintage Bates bedspread and lightweight blanket.  I love the colors and textures of my everyday bed pillows, but they can be a little heavy for spring.  Changing the rest of the bedding helps offset the accent pillows and lighten the space for the warmer months. 

Spring bedding


Ditch the Dawn and grab a fresh spring scent!

Did you know that smell is strongly linked to areas in our brain associated with mood and emotion?  Swapping from basic soap scents to seasonal spring scents like lemon verbena can boost your mood and make washing dishing more enjoyable.  

While at it, grab a Cypress and Orange or Lemon Verbena candle for an extra dose of mood-boosting goodness. 

Lemon Verbana dish soap

Transitioning your home for spring takes little money or effort.  Easy and subtle changes can make a difference in boosting your mood, energy, and the overall feeling of your home. 

What are your favorite budget-friendly simple spring decor ideas?

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Budget-friendly spring decorating ideas

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