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Monday, April 11, 2022

Favorite Textured Pots & Easy Pot Transformation

Spring is the best time to source new house plants and fill your home with fun textured pots and planters! 

I haven't been shy about expressing my new found love for house plants. 

Maybe it's the fact that my kids are getting older and don't need me as much.  Maybe it's because plants give me a sense of accomplishment when they thrive.  No matter what it is, buying and taking care of house plants has quickly become a new hobby that brings me a great amount of joy.

Do you know what else brings me joy?  Texture!

Plants and pots are an excellent and effortless way to add natural texture to your home.  I have a list of plants I hope to add to my collection and now that spring has arrived, it's becoming much easier to source more unique varieties.  Yay!

White kitchen with house plants

This weekend, I was able to find an affordable ZZ plant at Walmart (they are much cheaper in store than online).  I didn't love the white pot it came with and thought about buying a new black pot, but quickly decided to save money and update the pot it came with. 
Walmart ZZ plant and pot
There was nothing wrong with the original white herringbone pot.  I just wanted something with a little more age and character that would fit better with my current decor.  I decided to use the same technique I used on a previous thrifted vase to give the pot the perfect aged concrete look. 

Mix equal parts of paint and baking soda.  I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal.  

Using a natural bristle craft brush (yes, the brush makes a difference) brush and dab the paint mixture onto your pot.  Repeat this step a few times until the pot is fully covered and loaded with texture.  

Once the paint is fully dry, lightly sand the pot with 220-320 grit sandpaper to smooth and even out the texture.

ZZ plant in DIY textured pot
The transformation was a quick and easy project that not only saved me money but now fits in beautifully with my other pots and home decor.  

White kitchen with real house plants

Houseplants in textured pots

There are a lot of DIY tutorials for adding age and texture to pots and planters, but if you're not up for the challenge or are looking for something you can't DIY, then you may want to check out some of my favorite textured pots and planters. 

Simply click on the images below to shop! 


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The best textured pots and planters


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  1. Cute! I love candle jars and do you remember the BHG hammered metal looking 3 wick candles from like, two Christmases ago? The cheapest black pots were the perfect circumference to place inside the old candles! I have a matching set on either side of my "wall of windows" in macrame hangers with spider plants that I manipulate to grow around the curtain rod. Easiest diy/repurposed textured pot ever!

    1. Yes, I remember those! I bought a few and have been waiting for them to bring them back. They are great pots with perfect texture. I love the way you repurposed yours!