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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Wayfair Way Days: Favorite Home Decor Deals

My favorite home decor picks from the 2022 Wayfair Way Day sales! 

It's Way Days

Once a year, Wayfair has a two-day MEGA sale and it's here.

You can shop from the comfort of your home while enjoying free shipping and steep discounts (up to 80% off!) on home decor, furniture, appliances and more!

Vintage-modern mudroom

You may be surprised to hear that some of my favorite home decor items in my home (that aren't vintage) are from Wayfair and considering the questions I get asked, they're yours too.   

Wayfair black and white rug

The source of my mudroom rug AND eye chart are very common questions and both are from Wayfair and on sale!  (direct link below)

Wayfair eye chart art

I also get asked about the source of my black dining room Windsor chairs.  They are also from Wayfair, but unfortunately, the exact chairs are no longer in stock.  I did find similar black Windsor chairs that are in stock and on sale! 

Wayfair Black Windsor Chairs

You can shop some of my personally owned Wayfair home decor items as well as my favorite Way Days home decor sale picks by clicking on the links below. 


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Wayfair Way Days home decor picks


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