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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kitchen Renovation Progress: Board and Batten Wall, Craftsman Style Columns and Railing

An open floor plan of a ranch style home with white craftsman style columns and black modern railing. 

It's coming to the end of the kitchen renovation and it feels so good!   Counters and appliances have been installed and the kitchen has finally been usable for a couple weeks now.   There's still work to be done, but seeing it all come together could not be more exciting.  

The latest project to be completed (well, almost complete) are the columns and railing that we added after removing the walls and opening up the stairs. 

Let's take a look back at how the house looked a few months ago. 

Rancher style home before

Rancher style home before

Once the walls came down the house immediately opened up and felt 1000 times bigger and brighter.
Removing walls in a rancher style home
Unfortunately, due to the month long hardwood floor disaster, our contractor had to put the stair railing and columns on hold, which meant we lived with the 2x4 columns and temporary railing for quite a while.  
       Open stairs in a rancher style home

Open stairs in a rancher style home
Once the floors were FINALLY finished I could get started on the board and batten half wall and the columns and black metal stair railing could be installed. 
Refinished hardwood floors

Open stairs in a rancher style home
Installing board and batten is a super easy and affordable DIY project that makes such a big impact to small spaces.  I've installed it many times in our home and knew I wanted to add it to the half wall in our kitchen. 

I generally use 1/4" poplar boards from Home Depot, which sit perfectly on top our base molding.  To install the battens, I simply measure the wall, cut the boards down to size,  use a level to make sure they are straight, attach them to the wall with a nail gun then fill the holes and seams with painter's putty and caulk.  
Board and batten stair wall

Installing board and batten
After the boards were caulked and the nail holes filled I painted the wall with two coats of Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in semi-gloss white.   
Board and batten half stair wall
The simple addition of a few inexpensive pieces of wood made such a dramatic difference in the small half wall.
White board and batten half wall
The columns aren't finished yet (I still have some painting to do), but I wanted to share them since they are pretty much complete.  I had my contractor wrap them in craftsman style molding to tie in with the cabinets then I painted them in the same Sherwin-Williams Semi-gloss white. 
White craftsman style columns and black modern stair railing
If you remember, I originally wanted a black modern horizontal railing for the stairs.  Those plans quickly changed after finding out a custom railing would cost upwards of $2K.  Instead, I went with a simple black level outdoor rail system from Menards.  It was a fraction of the price and I'm really happy with how it looks with the new columns.
Open stairs in a rancher style home. craftsman columns with black modern railing

Black modern stair railing

There's still a lot of finish work that needs to be completed, but the house is coming together beautifully and exactly as I imagined.

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 Before and after open stairs in a small ranch style home

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  1. Black railing makes the half wall tolerable. Nice work.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You are one lucky lady!

  3. Truly beautiful! I love your style (I just finished painting the inside of our exterior doors a dark charcoal gray and am so happy with it) and look forward to each update on your renovation. I'm definitely going to apply the board and batten treatment to the half wall between my kitchen and great room. Thanks so much for sharing all of your decorating tips and ideas!

  4. Do you mind sharing roughly the cost of this project? We are purchasing a similar home style and I would like to do this exact thing. Obviously we need to hire a contractor to scope it out but would love to hear roughly what the cost was to remove walls, put staircase rails in, paint, etc. Thanks in advance!