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Sunday, May 13, 2018

8 of The Best Industrial Inspired Dollar Tree Storage

Dollar Tree storage has been given an impressive industrial-inspired makeover.

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and all you mamas out there had an enjoyable and relaxing Mother's Day.  

Since I skipped this month's Dollar Store DIY, I wanted to share a few of my favorite industrial-inspired Dollar Tree storage makeovers.  I've done many Dollar Tree transformations over the years, so I gathered some of my favorites and then scoured the web to bring you the best affordable Dollar Tree industrial storage containers. 
Industrial Dollar Tree storage makeovers

From under-the-sink organizing to medicine cabinet storage, these Dollar Tree storage containers are the perfect stylish storage to get you organized fast!

Not only are these Dollar Store storage ideas a cheap storage solution, but most of the makeovers involve simple and affordable supplies like ORB spray paint, metal label pulls, fine grit sandpaper, and Rub 'n Buff.  

 1. Give Dollar Store containers the perfect industrial farmhouse storage drawers

Industrial inspired stacked Dollar Tree storage drawers

2. Age Dollar Tree glass jars for the perfect industrial small storage solution. 

How to age Dollar Tree storage jars for an industrial look

3. Give Dollar Tree plastic storage bins an industrial makeover.

Dollar Tree industrial inspired storage bins

4. Turn Dollar Tree plastic drawers into Modern Farmhouse Storage.

Modern farmhouse industrial inspired Dollar Tree storage drawers

5. Transform Dollar store bins with spray paint and custom metal tags.  

Dollar tree storage with custom metal tags

6. Create the look of vintage locker baskets (with DIY Locker Tags) using the tutorial from The Kim Six Fix.

Dollar Tree zine locker baskets

7. Make your own vintage locker baskets out of plastic dollar store plastic containers. 

DIY Dollar Tree locker baskets

8. Organize your craft storage in style with these Dollar Store Vintage Locker Bins from Adrienne Elizabeth.

Dollar Tree storage locker bins

Organizing and buying storage containers, bins, and baskets can add up quickly!  Why not start with something affordable and turn it into something stylish?  Dollar Tree has great prices and excellent foundations for creating the perfect industrial storage. 


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