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Monday, May 28, 2018

A Beautiful Distressed Pale Gray Vintage Dresser Makeover

A beautiful distressed vintage dresser painted in a soft pale gray and accented with original hardware and dark wood stain.  

I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!   We spent our days around the house, relaxing and working on projects and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Since my husband had a few extra days off he helped me move furniture so I could finally photograph a few projects that I finished weeks ago.   Today, I'm happy to share a pale gray vintage dresser makeover that will be headed to Sweet Clover for their June sale.  

Light gray painted vintage Century dresser

This soft light gray is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to colors and I think it fits this vintage Century dresser well, especially paired with the original brass hardware.   

Affiliate links have been used 

- Inexpensive paint brush (to throw away after using shellac primer)
- Simple Green
- Paper towels
- Lint-free rag or wax brush (see how I quickly clean wax brushes HERE
- Screwdriver

I spotted this Century dresser at Goodwill a few months ago and was immediately drawn to the hardware and clean lines.  It's the exact same style as the vintage server in our dining room even down to the hardware.  After smelling all the drawers (yes, I smell everything to make sure it's smoke-free) and checking for any major damage I snapped a picture of the price tag and headed to the register.  I didn't have the truck with me and was about 20 mins from home, but the price was low enough that making a special trip the next day to pick up the dresser was no big deal. 

Vintage Century dresser before
I knew right away that I wanted the hardware to pop and General Finishes Seagull gray was the color to do just that.  Before applying the paint I gave the entire dresser a good sanding with my Ryobi corner cat sander and 80 grit sandpaper.  I hadn't planned on priming, but after testing the paint I realized I needed to apply a coat of my favorite primer in order to avoid bleeding.  After the primer was dry I applied two coats of General Finishes Seagull Gray then lightly sanded the edges before sealing the paint with satin wax

Light gray painted vintage dresser with original brass hardware
I went back and forth deciding whether or not to keep the feet stained or paint them the same color as the dresser.  Ultimately, I decided I liked the two-tone look and kept them stained.  They were a bit scratched and worn, so I lightly sanded them then applied a light coat of black gel stain.
Seagull gray vintage dresser makeover

Seagull gray vintage dresser makeover with original hardware
My peonies are in full bloom, so of course, I couldn't help but bring out this beautiful dressers feminine side with a bouquet of fresh peonies and pearls.  The contrast of the stained feet and original hardware help tone down the feminine vibe and add a bit of a masculine touch.
Original vintage brass hardware

light gray painted vintage dresser makeover

vintage Century dresser painted in light gray with original brass hardware

And because I can't get enough of peonies, here's one more shot of a bouquet I picked straight from my yard.

light pink peony bouquet

If you are interested in any of the sources used to style the dresser you can find them here:

- Plank wall color: Off the shelf Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in Semi-Gloss
- Door color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
- Fiddle Leaf Fig: Michaels (the one I have is sold in stores only)
- Basket: HomeGoods
- Books: Goodwill/thrift stores/ yard sales
- Lamp: Pier One

Vintage Century dresser makeover before and after

Iron Ore painted MCM dresser

Card catalog inspired side table makeover


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  1. it's so pretty! and yes to the smell test on everything!!!!!! our peonies are finishing up and i always hate when it's over! but our roses are blooming more than ever so i guess that helps ease the pain.

  2. Omgosh....I love how that dresser turned out. I would not have thought of black gel stain for the legs, but man o man, it's fantastic looking.
    Love your pink peonies!!!!! ...And I bet your home smells so good with them :)

  3. Beautiful job! Your blog makes me want to go out and paint that ol dresser in the basement! Peonies are almost here too!