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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Modern Industrial Farmhouse Office Reveal

It's been a long work in progress, but I can finally say my office is complete and CLEAN!
Thrifted modern industrial farmhouse office

Last week I shared my disorganized and non functional office that had more or less turned into a storage room.  It's the first space you see when you walk into our mudroom, which made for a pretty lack luster first impression.  Last weekend, I finally had enough and spent the day going through every basket, bin, drawer, bag and paper to get my office back in working order.  When I say I went through everything I mean EVERYTHING!

I started with the green dresser and emptied every single item from all the drawers.  This is about the time when I panicked and realized I had made an absolute mess.  It's a little stressful and discouraging when you're sitting on the floor surrounded by piles and piles of craft supplies and tools. I knew I had to forge on, but it certainly wasn't a fun task.  I went through every item and either found a home for it or chucked it in the trash.

This drawer may not look too organized, but it holds all my spare mason jars and unfinished wood projects.
Organized dresser drawers
Little tools, wood glues, putty, caulk and tape went in another drawer.
organized tools in dresser drawer
My favorite drawer is the one that holds a lot of my smaller cans of paint and craft supplies.  Larger paint cans and stain are in a drawer in my MCM dresser. 
organizing paints in a dresser drawer

Organizing paints in a dresser drawer
Once I had the majority of my supplies organized I started on clearing off my desk and working through the piles of papers.  As a reminder here is what my office looked like last week.
real life messy office

I got in the bad habit of piling magazines, papers and miscellaneous decor on and around my desk. My biggest issue was dealing with all the incoming mail and school papers.  I ended up moving our household files from the basement to a drawer in my desk and it has made a HUGE difference.  Now I have no excuse for not dealing with papers as soon as they come into the house.
weekly office whiteboard calendar

Organized office desk

modern industrial farmhouse office reveal

My favorite storage solution is using a Raskog cart for mobile craft storage.   I bought a bunch of small containers (I like to use glass or clear plastic so you can see what's inside) to store smaller hooks, tags, knobs and embellishments that I use often.  A small porcelain egg crate also works great for organizing small items. 

Ikea raskog cart used as mobile craft storage

ikea raskog cart used for craft storage

Organized modern industrial farmhouse office
I maximized storage on the other side of the room by turning an old IKEA Expedit bookcase on its side.  I filled the cubbies with inexpensive cardboard magazine holders to organize scrapbook paper, stencils, numeral and alphabet stickers, tax and blog documents. 
Thrifty modern industrial farmhouse office reveal
My favorite item in the bookcase are the vintage metal card catalogs that I found at Goodwill for $3.00 a piece.   They work great for storing chalk paint and paint brushes.
Organizing chalk paint

Organized office

As much as I love having my own office space I can't wait until the day comes when it gets turned into part of our kitchen.  After all, that is the reason we built this little addition to begin with.

Let's take a look back at just how far this modern industrial farmhouse office has come!
House addition plans

Tearing down carport for addition

framing addition for kitchen

framed addition

Framed office addition

framed and drywalled office addition

It's pretty incredible that this space came together as well as it did considering it's primarily decorated with thrifted finds or items I already owned.  Let's just hope I can keep it this way! Modern industrial farmhouse reveal

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a fun office!! I'd love to sit and work in here. I love that green dresser!

  2. This office is EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously when I say my most favorite office I MEAN IT!! All the detail, CHARM GALORE & the storage/ supplies..PERFECTION!! #PINNING

    Happy Thursday!!


  3. Katie, Love it! Thanks for the motivation. My office space is piled and waiting for me to give it some much needed attention and you have truly motivated and encouraged me. :)

  4. Wow this looks amazing!! I totally needed to see this because my "office/craft area" looks like the before photo. I'm dreading going through all my craft supplies and things. But I know it needs to be done. I want it to be organized like your office!! Thanks for sharing this and inspiring me to get started.

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  5. I love this office space!! It's so perfectly you and I can't believe how far it's come!

  6. I love it! Where did you find that rug?

  7. Where did you find the weekly white board!