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Monday, October 17, 2016

Decorative Mason Jar bathroom Storage

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend!

I've updated many mason jars in the past, so I knew they would be the perfect solution to help maximize storage in our master bathroom.  My plan is to remove everything out of our bulky medicine cabinet and replace it with a pretty round mirror.  That meant getting creative with how to store items over our toilet and under the sink. 

There are many pretty decorative jars I could have bought and believe me I was tempted to buy them. Then I pulled myself back to reality and realized I could get a very similar look for much less using mason jars. 
Mason jar storage
I was already using a few mason jars IN the medicine cabinet.  They just needed an update so they would be pretty enough to be displayed out in the open. 

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I started with spraying the lids and buttons with gold spray paint.  I knew it wouldn't be the color I was looking for, but it's great to use as a base coat. 
Spraying Mason Jar lids and rings with gold spray paint
I then applied Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff over each piece of the lids and buttons.
Adding Rub 'n Buff to mason jar lids
Look at the difference it makes on the wood buttons!
After the Rub 'n Buff was dry I used Rapid Fusion to glue the lid and ring together then added a button on top of each lid.
Gluing mason jar lids and rings together

Gluing Mason jar lids and rings together
I filled each jar with items I use most (Q-tips, cotton balls and floss sticks) then placed them in an old galvanized tray that I bought from the Vintage Market months ago.
Rub 'n Buff Mason jar storage

Stylish mason jar storage using Rub n' Buff

Mason jar storage for the bathroom

Mason jar bathroom storage

Mason jar bathroom storage

Stylish mason jar storage

I love that these little mason jars are stylish enough to leave out in the open and didn't cost me a dime.  

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  1. Beautiful and practical, I love this. Also, where did you get that cute "guide to...wash, brush etc" hanging on the wall over tge toilet?

    1. Thank you Ivory! The sign was a Hobby Lobby find. They always have great wall art.