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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five Ways to Conceal Kids Toys...

Those of you with kids will agree that toys can definitely take over your house if you don't get them under control.  When my kids were little I was more lax about the toys being in the living room.  If having a swing, bouncer seat and activity mat laying around meant the kids were happy and I got a few minutes of peace and quite, then I was all for it!  As they got older and their toys took up less space I started moving them to the basement and their bedrooms.  Of course there were always the favorites that made there way to the living room.  In order to keep the room neat and to save my sanity I found ways to conceal them.

These are the five ways I conceal toys in my living room.

I found this wood trunk at Marshall's and just had to have it.  I would not recommended this type of storage for young kids, but it should be fine for older ones.  I didn't bring it into our living room until our kids were older and could easily open and close the lid by themselves.  It is such a great piece since it not only holds a ton of toys, but also doubles as a side table.



Baskets are always great for those small toys that you’re not sure what to do with.  I found these baskets at HomeGoods and use them to hold my sons Lego's and my daughter's dolls and accessories.  This keeps all the small parts together and easily accessible for them.  I stacked the baskets to keep the corner balanced between the wood trunk and baskets. 

Furniture with drawers is one of my favorite ways to store kids toys.  I use a large dresser that I found at GoodWill (and repainted) to hold my kids art supplies in the basement.  The stacked drawers in the living room were found at HomeGoods and store more of the kids small toys, puzzles and games.  Owen has the lowest drawer and it's full of all his little trucks and tractors.  Paige has the second drawer and it's full of little dolls and girly things.  The other two drawers are shared between the two of them and hold their puzzles and games.  By now they both know what goes in each drawer, which makes clean up quick and easy.

My daughter loves to draw so it is very important to have art supplies around the house so she can express her creativity.   I found this little suitcase box and stash a few markers, stencils, glue, pipe cleaners and puffy paint for her to play with.  This box is used almost daily and by looking at it you would never know it holds art supplies.

Baskets are probably the most popular go to item for hiding things that people don't want to be seen.  I found these two baskets at HomeGoods and of course was sold as soon as I saw they could be labeled.  The basket on the left actually holds my sons trains (guess I should get on changing that label!) and the one on the right is packed full with barbies.  They have handles on the side which makes it easy for the kids to lift them on and off the shelf.

If you happen to stop over my house you are likely to see a train track in the middle of the floor, crayons, markers and pictures spread throughout the room and the toy baskets and drawers open.  I am okay with that, as long as there is a place for the toys to go when the day is done. 


  1. Hi! I came over from iHeart organizing and enjoyed this post. Now that I have two kids, I'm trying to organize a lot more. My daughter's toys are everywhere and I've been teaching her to help me organize. She's 4, so she can do a lot. My son who is one month doesn't obviously have much except giant rockers, swings and bouncers. You have found some great baskets and storage items!

    1. Thanks Megan! I remember those days of the giant swings and bouncer seats. I have two young kids myself, so I know how frustrating it can be to get all the toys organized. My son is into the large tonka trucks which can be a challange to organize. It's always a work in progress!

  2. Katie, these are such great ideas! I feel like toys have taken over our house on most days, but I love how stylish your storage looks! I am just crazy over the stacked baskets! I have never seen that before and it looks awesome. Might be going to look for some of those...;)

    1. Thanks Ashlyn! Most days, the toys are out and all over the floor, but at night I like to have a spot to put everything away so I don't go crazy! Now, the basement, that's a different story!

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