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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Mood Board: Sophisticated Vintage-Modern Office Plans

Sophisticated vintage-modern office mood board, plans and decor sources!

Earlier this year, I finally agreed and allowed my daughter to move her new bedroom to the basement.  Her room is still a work in progress, but new paint, carpet and furniture have already made such a huge difference.  Hopefully, I'll be able to share her new space soon.

In the meantime, let's talk about my next big project, my home office! 

vintage modern office mood board

I'm so excited to have a new space to design, decorate and make my own.  My office will be a mix of vintage and modern with lots of contrast, texture and finishes.   



I love green and I love Iron Ore, so I decided to combine the two and try a new color.   I tested a few different shades of green and ultimately decided on Sherwin-Williams Shade-Grown. 

2. RUG: 

A good black and white rug is a must, so I'm splurging on the Kite Wool Kilim rug from West Elm.  I actually had this rug in my old office, but sadly, it was ruined by my old cat.   Let's hope it lasts a little longer this time around.

3. DESK: 

One of my favorite thrifted furniture finds is a $15 mid-century modern desk that I scored a few years ago from Goodwill.   It's in great shape and I plan to continue to use it in my new office space. 


Keeping with the vibe of my mid-century modern desk, I plan on buying a new MCM-inspired office chair.  


Card catalogs, unique vintage storage and cubbies are one of my favorite ways to add style and character to my home.  Recently, I scored a 15-drawer oak card catalog that I knew would be perfect for my office.  I cleaned it up, added black metal legs and will eventually move it into my office to store craft and DIY supplies. 


I plan on replacing the current ceiling fan with a vintage schoolhouse light that I bought from an auction a couple years ago.  I think it will be a perfect vintage addition. 


I will more than likely move my favorite "Work Hard And Be Nice To People" art from the mudroom to my office. 
I also have a super cool antique time card holder that I bought months ago from a fellow Sweet Clover vendor.  It's old, it's unique and it's perfect for the space! 


I'm pretty sure my office is also going to double as "The Plant Room" and what better way to display plants than to hang a couple shelves?  I have four gold shelf brackets from my previous office that will make a great addition to the mix of metals I plan to incorporate in my office. 


The window in the office will get a fresh coat of Iron Ore to match the rest of the doors and windows in the house.

10. PLANTS: 

Is it really a surprise that the room will be home to a few new plants? 

I'll be adding some of my favorites (Pothos, ZZ and Chinese Money Plant) as well as finally getting an Audry Ficus.  I've been wanting one for a while, but never really had space until now. 


I'm a huge fan of the Merete room darkening curtains from IKEA (I have them in my bedroom) and plan to buy another set for my office.   They're long, super affordable, great quality and will be a nice contrast to the dark green walls. 

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