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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Let's Go Thrifting: Auction and Thrift Store Finds Vol 3

A collection of furniture and vintage finds from Facebook Marketplace, auctions, antique malls and thrift stores!

It's been a while since I've shared a Let's Go Thrifting post, so how about another recap? 

Today, I'm sharing a few recent finds from auctions, thrift stores, antique malls and Facebook Marketplace.  I live in Maryland and frequently travel throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Delaware to pick up and shop for furniture and vintage decor.

I love traveling, exploring new areas and finding new shops and places to hunt and pick.  The thrill of the hunt is the best part and I certainly do my fair share of hunting.

Secondhand decor finds

I've been shopping and buying off Facebook Marketplace for years, although lately, I've been buying less and less.  Navigating through ads and misrepresented postings and dealing with shady sellers has turned me off a bit.  I still wanted to share a few tips that may help make Facebook Marketplace an easier shopping experience.

1.  SET YOUR LOCATION AND RADIUS.  I am willing to travel for the right piece, so I set my radius to the max, 100 miles. 

2.  SAVE ITEMS THAT CATCH YOUR EYE. Even if you don't plan on purchasing a particular item, click "Save" to train the algorithm to show similar items when they become available.  

3.  CHECK SELLERS OTHER LISTINGS.   You never know what additional items a seller could be offering that you may also be interested in purchasing.  More than once, I've been able to pick up two dressers from one seller, simply by checking their other listing. 

4.  FOLLOW SELLERS.  Do you tend to buy a lot from the same sellers?  Make sure to follow them in order to stay up-to-date with their listing. 

5. CHECK OFTEN!  High quality, affordable items will go quickly.  Maximize your chances by checking often and don't forget to check the "Today's Picks" and "Newly Listed" categories.   (If you've been saving items that are your style and catch your eye then the algorithm should show you similar items in the "Today's Picks" category. 

Even though I've been using Facebook Marketplace less and less, I did recently picked up two great dressers that were both under $50.

Facebook Marketplace dresser before

light gray painted mcm dresser

I also picked up this fabulous triple MCM Bassett dresser, which I sanded and painted black. 

Facebook Marketplace mcm dresser before

black painted mcm dresser

Now let's take a look at a few recent auction, antique mall and thrift store finds. 

TIP:  If you travel for a Facebook Marketplace find be sure to check the surrounding areas for thrift stores and antiqe shops.   You never know what new place you may find that's worth exploring.
vintage picking

This antique dresser was a $24 auction buy that I sanded, sealed and updated with black matte pulls.  
antique dresser before

I love vintage glove molds, so when I recently spotted a large collection, I didn't hesitate to buy every last one.  
vintage glove molds
They make a fun addition to vintage vingettes and are a cool and unique way to organize and display jewelry.  

styled vintage glove molds

 A few recent thrift store trips resulted in some brass, pottery, glassware, baskets and shorts for the kids.  

thrift store cart shoot

vintage thrift store finds

vintage amber Whitehall glasses

Vintage amber bottle

I'm a sucker for vintage bangles and brass and mother of pearl bracelets.  I always keep my eye out for them and have the best luck finding them at thrift stores and church missions. 

vintage brass and mother of pearl bracelets
Did you notice the vintage type tray?  It's the one from the thrift store and makes a great anchor for grounding decor.  

auction finds
A few auction wins resulted in a Trenton mortar and pestle, vintage pottery, bentwood chairs, numerous brass animals (including HUGE adorable brass deer), brass planters and candleesticks, gold mirrors and frames, terracotta pots and much, much more. 

High contrast dining room with bentwood chairs

Huge brass deer

One of the large mirrors I bought from an auction was beautifully aged with beveled edges, but it had a large chunk of wood missing from one corner.   I was able to make a hot glue mold and repair the mirror so it's virtually impossible to tell their was ever prior damage. 
gold antique mirror
Do you love terra cotta pots?  

They're timeless, classic and perfect all year long.   You can find terra cotta pots just about anywhere, but if you like the look of aged/slightly imperfect pots then auctions and thrift stores will be where you want to shop. 
terra cotta pots

styled terra cotta pots

One of my favorite recent purchases is a vintage 1947 tabletop dress form.  I had full intentions of taking it to an upcoming vintage market, but once I moved it into my bedroom I realized it was too perfect.

Doesn't it compliment the vintage accordion rack beautifully?  

vintage dress form

styled vintage dress form

Last but not least, here's a very blurry picture of a recent auction haul.  

auction loot shoot

There are many more furniture and vintage decor finds, but I don't always remember to take pictures before everything gets piled and buried in my garage. 

What's your favorite recent auction, thrift store or Facebook Marketplace find? 

Until next time, happy thrifting!      

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  1. I own an antique booth and find it hard to make money on items purchased at auctions. Especially furniture. What's your secret?

    1. I feel your pain. It's definitely getting harder to find affordable items that you can sell for a profit, especially with most auctions going online. My best advice is to be patient, have an open mind, broaden your search and be willing to travel a bit. It can be frustrating to be outbid over and over, but I would rather be outbid than pay too much for something. Eventually, you'll get something and it will be worth the wait! With furniture, I've learned to be willing to buy pieces that aren't exactly my style, but that I can update to fit my brand. I hope this helps!

  2. Great finds! Those large brass deer are SO awesome!!

  3. Where are some of your favorite places to thrift?

    1. Thrift stores vary by area but two of my absolute favorite thrift stores to shop are 2nd Ave Value Stores and Red, White and Blue. Church missions and flea markets are also excellent places to shop with VERY affordable prices.

  4. Where did u get the rug under the bentwood chairs

    1. Where did u get the rug under the bentwood chairs. Not the chairs . Thanks