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Sunday, December 31, 2023

The Best Storage Containers For Every Room (and Budget!)

Keep your home organized in style with practical storage crates, baskets, and bins for every room and budget!

Happy New Year! 

Does the start of a new year motivate you to declutter and get organized?  I'm not the most organized person, but a new year always has me itching to declutter and get the house a little more organized.

I gravitate toward vintage industrial storage solutions and love utilizing vintage finds to organize everyday spaces in my home.  

From my home office to the kitchen pantry, vintage laundry carts, lockers, card catalogs, and metal locker baskets can be seen throughout. 

Vintage office, vintage storage

vintage locker pantry storage

vintage office, vintage office storage

vintage lockers

As much as I love using authentic vintage items to organize my home, nothing beats small storage solutions that help keep the insides of closets, cabinets, and drawers organized. 

1. LAZY SUSAN TURNTABLE ORGANIZER: We have three of these in our kitchen cabinets and they are lifesavers for organizing spices, baking supplies, and medicine bottles.

2. WHITE PLASTIC STORAGE BINS: These plastic storage bins are so versatile!  I use a few in my pantry to keep chips and other snacks organized and under control.

3. THREE DRAWER ART STORAGE:  This affordable set of storage drawers is perfect for under-the-sink organizing.  I keep one under my kitchen sink to organize swifter pads, sponges, and other cleaning supplies.

4. RUBBERMAID DRAWER ORGANIZERS:  Rubbermaid has a variety of interlocking drawer organizers that are perfect for mix-and-matching.  We use them in many kitchen drawers to keep knives, cooking utensils, and other small kitchen items organized. 

Does the start of a new year have you thinking about organizing too?  Are you in need of new stylish storage?  I gathered a few of my favorite crates, baskets, and bins to help you organize every room in your home!





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  1. Awesome storage containers - and for every budget! Thanks for these links! Very useful!