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Monday, March 11, 2019

The Best Stylish Counter Height Stools

The best counter height stools for a beautiful and stylish kitchen! 

Ever since deciding to move forward with our kitchen renovation I've been spending my days meeting with our contractor and kitchen designer, packing, researching and making lots of design and decor decisions.  It's quickly made me realize I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  Well, I've always known I had expensive taste, but planning and picking materials, products and decor for a new kitchen have REALLY made me realize just how expensive my taste is.  Every time I found something I knew would be perfect for our home it was either out of our budget or more than this frugal girl wanted to spend. 

Of course, there's the option to just buy what I want and stretch our budget, but I'm all about saving money and searching for something less expensive.  The thrill of the hunt is my favorite part of the design process, so searching for budget-friendly alternatives is something I actually really enjoy doing.  There's just something so satisfying about finding a great deal, saving money and spending less. 

Lately, I've been searching high and low for budget-friendly counter height stools for our new kitchen island and thought I would share some of my favorites. 

Kitchen counter stools

When I began my search for counter height stools I came across beautiful natural rattan and black iron stools from McGee & Co,  but the price tag was a bit of a shocker.  I was determined to find similar less expensive stools (or ones that I loved just as much), so I began my search and found some awesome alternatives.

I ended up finding 15 counter height stools with different styles, textures and materials that would be perfect for any kitchen.   I'm highlighting my top three, but all fifteen are linked at the end of the post. 

Currently, these rattan counter height stools are the top runner and would be perfect for adding natural texture to my neutral kitchen.  Still expensive, but I'm calling this find a win since they are over half the price of the orginal stools and almost an exact match.

Rattan and wood kitchen counter stool

Rattan and wood kitchen stools

I also love the idea of having all black metal stools in our kitchen.  They would go with anything and the price is super affordable. 
black metal kitchen counter stools

I love mixing metals, textures and materials so I was immediately drawn to these wood and metal counter stoolsI love the clean lines and the idea of adding a light warmth with the wood tones. 
wood and metal kitchen counter stools

I still haven't decided which stools I'm going to order and honestly, I could end up picking any one of the 15 stools below.   

kitchen stools, kitchen counter stools

2.  Johnathan Bar Stool (looks like they fit counter height too)
3. Kate Counter Stool (these are the splurge stools!)
15. Danish Oak Bar Stool (Looks like they fit counter height too)

Which kitchen stools are your favorite?  

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