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Thursday, March 15, 2018

5 Simple and Thrifty Decorating Ideas For Spring

Head to your local Goodwill, thrift store or church mission for a few of these thrifty finds, perfect for adding color and texture to your home for spring!

I meant to share this post yesterday, but it's been a crazy couple of days.  My week has been full of vet visits, sick kids, doctor visits and cleaning up a very flooded basement.  Yup, our basement flooded again, this time a broken hot water heater was the culprit.  At least the water was fairly easy to clean up (thanks to two wet/dry vacs and our new water resistant flooring) and the only carpet that was ruined and needed to be torn out was in my husbands office.  Looks like an office makeover is happening sooner rather than later. 

On the bright side, I scored a bunch of awesome Goodwill deals and was able to add a touch of spring to our entry for next to nothing.  

Thrifty spring decor in the entryway

I love shopping at Goodwill, yard sales and discovering new church missions.  They are the best places to find inexpensive and unique decor for cheap.   I recently spent an afternoon and hit up three Goodwill's in my area and was able to find some really great things, especially for spring. 


Baskets are a great way to bring in a bit of texture and warmth for spring.   I hit the jackpot at Goodwill and scored four round flat weave baskets, perfect for creating a small gallery wall.

thrift store finds for spring

Goodwill finds and deals for spring
I hung two large ones and one smaller one on my plank wall and I'm really liking the look.  It's completely different from how I normally decorate, but it's a nice change for spring.
Gallery wall of round flat weave baskets


Bring a little of the outside in with fresh flowers and greenery.  You know I have a terrible black thumb and would choose faux over real any day (find my favorite sources for affordable faux plants HERE), but nothing truly compares to the real thing.   I was given this plant and I was shocked at how much a little living thing could change the feel of a space.  I've even managed to remember to water it and keep it alive.  Shocker, I know.
Add houseplants for spring

Pssst.....the white toothpick weeds in the vase are from Walmart and were only $2.00 a piece! Spring entry with thrifted finds


In the past, I shared 20 botanical prints and Poppy flowers that are all perfect for spring.  I simply printed out one of my favorites then popped it in a chippy wood frame for free spring decor. 

Thrifted spring entryway with natural elements

decorating with free printables for spring

Just like baskets, natural elements are an easy and inexpensive way to add texture and warmth to a space.  I love the contrast they bring against our dark doors and white trim, but spring is an even better time to bring in natural wood tones.

On a recent Target trip I scored a set of large wood beads on clearance for a mere $1.94.   I restrung them with a few of my own beads and within minutes I had easy natural decor, perfect for spring.  (You can click HERE to see how I make my wood bead tassel garlands) 

Clearance beads from Target

DIY wood bead garland
(The vintage briefcase was another great find from my Goodwill trip)

You know I love decorating with books, so I brought out a few of my favorites for a little extra color for spring.  I gravitate towards cool tones, so of course my favorites are all shades of blue and green. 

Thrifted entryway decorated for spring
( All of the books as well as the "bookends" came from Goodwill. )
Decorating with thrift store finds for spring
 ***TIP*** Use the "rule of threes" when decorating and grouping like items.   It's more appealing and forces your eye to move around.
Thrifty spring entrway

Decorating for spring with thrifted finds

The rest of my house may be a complete disaster, but at least I have a pretty thrifted spring entry to brighten my day.   Have you started decorating for spring yet?  What are some of your favorite thrifty finds.  

How to decorate for spring using thrift store finds


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