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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Affordable Places to Buy Throw Pillows Under $20

The best sources for affordable throw pillows! 

Pillows are the best way to inexpensively add color to a neutral space, bring life back to dated furniture and update a space from season to season.  If you're anything like me you probably swap pillows out often and need affordable options.  Today, I'm spilling my top sources for purchasing affordable throw pillows and an awesome tip that will save you tons of money!

Where to buy affordable throw pillows

How can I save money on throw pillows?

Affordable feather pillow inserts from IKEA

Buying your own inserts not only saves money but saves space when swapping out pillows from season to season.  A couple of years ago, I picked up a few $6.00 feather pillow inserts from IKEA and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I also scour the clearance aisles at HomeGoods and other home stores for heavily reduced feather down pillows.  If I find a good quality pillow cheap I buy it, no matter how hideous the cover.  Remember, it's the pillow insert that counts, not the actual cover.  

A good quality pillow will more than likely have a feather insert (you know, so you can give it a good karate chop!) and will likely cost more money.  By purchasing your own inserts (at a reduced price!) you will be able to buy JUST the covers, therefore, saving money. 

Where to find affordable throw pillows online! 

H&M sells affordable pillows from $12.00-$5.99
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Many people associate H&M with clothing, but they have a great home section as well.

Amazon is a great source for affordable throw pillows covers
Amazon is another great source for affordable pillow covers.   They have such a large variety of styles for as low as $4.00.  You really can't beat the price, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

Ikea is a great source for affordable pillows
Everyone loves IKEA, right?  I can honestly say that just about every time I go to IKEA I walk out with a new feather pillow insert or cover.   I love that they sell them separately, so if you already have a bunch of inserts at home you can grab just the covers for $10-$20.

Hobby lobby is a great place for affordable throw pillows

Hobby Lobby, oh Hobby Lobby!  One of my favorite stores for all things crafts and decor also has a great stock of pillow covers.  The best part is if they aren't on sale you can use a 40% off coupon making them super affordable.

World Market is a great source for affordable throw pillows
World Market is one of my favorite decor stores.  Sadly, there's no longer a store local to my area, but I still make my fair share of online purchases (I just recently purchased this tribal coffee table and side table, adjustable stools and Fiddle leaf tree).  Along with a great selection of furniture and decor, they also carry a decent selection of affordable pillows. 

Target is a great source for affordable throw pillows
Every time I walk in Target I'm amazed at all their new decor.  They change out their stock often, which results in major sales.   Over the year's, I've been able to buy many items on sale and clearance including clocks, throws, decor accents, poufs, rugs, frames and PILLOWS.

I also love to shop HomeGoods, Marshall's and TJMaxx for affordable throw pillows.  They don't sell covers separately, but they have great styles and prices. 

I hope you found this list of affordable throw pillow sources helpful and realize that you CAN find options that are both beautiful and affordable.

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  1. OOOOOO, definitely needing a few new pillows! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome Kristi! Throw pillows are so addicting, so it's always nice to have affordable options.

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