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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{DIY} Wood bookshelves...

One of the issues I had to deal with in my daughter's room was her collection of books.  I shouldn't complain that she loves to read, but the books were getting out of control.  I used to have an EXPEDIT shelving unit in her room, but it was taking up way too much space and kept getting full of junk.   Making long narrow shelves was the perfect solution to maximizing space and adding much needed book storage.  Once I figured out what I wanted, I made my list and headed out to Home Depot to get my supplies.
DIY wood bookshelves/ledges

 (Material used are based on (4) 4 foot shelves, although I only ended up using 3 of the shelves)

(4) 1x4x8
wood for bookshelves

price of wood for bookshelves
(2) 1x2x8
wood for diy bookshelves

price of wood for bookshelves

Here's how to make the shelves:

Cut boards in half to make (8) 4 foot boards
cut wood for diy bookshelves/ledges
Apply glue along the edge of one 1x4 board
adding wood glue to bookshelves
 Clamp 2 1x4's together
clamping diy wood bookshelves/ledges
 Drill about 6 pilot holes
pilot holes for wood bookshelves
Attach boards with 1 1/2 inch screwsbuilding diy wood bookshelves
Do the same with the 1x2
building easy diy wood bookshelves/ledges

clamping together wood bookshelves
Once the glue was dry, I sanded the shelves lightly to get rid of the sharp edges then painted 3 coats of white semi-gloss.
painting wood bookshelves

I let everything dry and then it was time for the fun part, installing the shelves!  Using the same screws, I marked my studs and attached each shelf with three screws.  

how to build diy wood bookshelves
My daughter was so excited to pick out which books were going on the shelves.

how to build wood diy bookshelves/ledges

how to build easy diy wood bookshelves

These shelves were the perfect solution to not only store and showcase my daughter's favorite books, but they also free up valuable space in her room.

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  1. Great tutorial! I've been wanting to do something just like this in the nursery! ~ Erika @

    1. Thanks Erika! They are pretty easy to make and would look great in a nursery! Hurry up and make them :)

  2. I like your version of these book ledges. :) I made two narrow ones for my daughter's room. It also worked to use wood glue and finish nails for us with the bottom piece sandwiched between the front and back. Love those gold dots! =D

    1. Thanks Yvonne! I made the same version you are talking about for my son's room, which I plan on posting next week!

  3. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are so cute and a great space saver! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice job! These look very similar to the IKEA RIBBA picture ledge.

  6. I wish you had a pin it button on this post! It's gorgeous!!!

  7. Thanks Sarah! I have a pin it button on each picture, but don't think it works on mobile devices. I'll look into adding it to the top of each post!

  8. I have never built anything. Is it hard to do? Think I should try? I am actually looking for ledges like that for family photos. Pottery Barn wants $70 for 1 3 or 4 foot shelf. Ouch!

    1. Hi Carol, it's really not that hard and I definitely think you should give it a try! Store bought ledges can get pricey and if you DIY you could make them for much less!

  9. Stopping by from the link up! Great tutorial! I've been looking to do this, but to use it as a picture ledge. I think this will work perfectly. Pinning! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  10. Hi Katie, love your gold dots! They look a lot like ours! We would love to sponsor any future wall decal projects you may have in the future. Just contact us whenever you are ready. With our 60+ colors and your eye for design there is definitely a fun collaboration story somewhere here!

    Thank you and keep it up,

    Jesse L.
    Polka Dot Wall Stickers