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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Craft Closet is Complete...

An organized craft closet with affordable solutions for storing fabric, tools, DIY supplies and decor. 

I finally finished organizing the office closet and am thrilled to have it complete.  I used a lot of budget-friendly storage solutions, including IKEA's Algot system to effectively organize all my craft supplies without spending a lot of money. 

Organized craft closet, ikea algot system
This closet has truly made my life so much easier.  Gone are the days that I am sorting through bags and knocking over piles of chaos looking for what I need.  

I chose the Algot storage system from Ikea and although it's not as sturdy as the Elfa system from the Container Store, it was much more cost effective.  I used Martha Stewart adhesive labels to label each basket to make it even easier to find what I am looking for.  I simply printed labels for each basket then slipped them into the gold bookplates.

Martha Stewart bookplates

Printed labels for organizing craft closet

Cutting labels for organizing craft closet

Labels on Ikea's Algot system

Organized craft closet, Ikea Algot System.
The drawers give me a ton of storage  with room to grow.

I used pant hangers from Ikea to hang my larger pieces of fabric, while the smaller fabrics are in a drawer.
Organizing fabric

Hanging fabric with pant hangers

labeled ikea Algot System

Organizing fabric in IKEA Algot drawers
I added a few pieces of gold washi tape to the plain white magazine rack
IKEA white file wall storage

Organized craft closet, Ikea Algot system
Cans were covered in some of my favorite wrapping paper from HomeGoods.
Upcycled cans for organizing
I also installed two shelves for added storage.  The glass containers hold thread, washi tape, extra knobs, jute and other odds and ends. 

The boxes store extra hardware and ribbon for wrapping presents.
Ikea Storage boxes

organizing knobs in glass jars
The upper shelf holds 4 magazine boxes which store our taxes and magazines.
Ikea file boxes
A metal trash can holds wrapping paper and my larger bolts of fabric.
Organizing wrapping paper

Organizing wrapping paper
I also hung a small basket on the wall above the trash can to store bows for wrapping gifts.
Organized craft closet, Ikea Algot System
You can learn more about the free file cabinet makeover here.

This closet has come A LONG way in just a few short weeks. 
Craft closet before
I can't believe I left it unfinished for so long.  It doesn't even look like the same space.  It's amazing how much your life changes with a little organization.  

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  1. It looks amazing!!! I can only imagine just how much more usable this space is now. I love how you have room to grow too...something I often forget to save room for when I organize.

  2. Beautiful! I am in the midst if organizing my craft spaces so I keep checking out everyone else's doe ideas!

  3. I am in love with Algot! I've used it to organize some craft supplies as well as two closets in my bedroom. My first choice was the Container Store as well but that would have cost me around $1500! My IKEA solution cost less than $400 for two closets!

  4. I found a HUGE bin of the Martha Stewart adhesive bookplates in gold (as well as lots of other labelling items) at Big Lots! recently. They were $1.50 a package.

    1. WOW! I paid $5.99 for a pack of 4! I might have to check out Big Lots! I never even thought of looking there. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I love your craft area. Everything looks fantastic! I want to get my crafts organized too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Very organized space! I re-made my 'crafts' closet earlier this year. Since I primarily into quilting with side trips to crocheting and an occasional dabble in 'general crafts', the most important part of my re-organization was space for fabric. I bought two vinyl 4 shelf 'garage' shelving units for under $30.00 and several storage bins at Big Lots for around $20.00. A flannel backed table cloth ($5.00) for the front of the closet acts as my 'design wall' for block layout affixed with self-stick velcro. I did build in extras for 'future addtions' but the one disadvantage as that I kept adding! Now it's packed with a little overflow. Got to get sewing! Its so nice to FIND things and prevent duplication. All in all, I spent less than $70.00 on the closet, I can see everything at a glance and I'm not hunting, as you say, through plastic bags! Yours looks fabulous too. Great Job!