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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Simple Fall DIY & Decorating Ideas From Walmart

Neutral fall decor favorites and simple fall DIY projects from Walmart! 

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While wandering around Walmart the other day, I immediately noticed the aisles of fall decor.  

I tend to decorate for Halloween and then skip to Christmas, but I couldn't help but be drawn to the variety of pumpkins, cozy textiles, mixed metals, and yummy fall candles. 

Once the days get shorter and the weather drops, I like to incorporate additional natural and neutral elements into my decor. 

Walmart is the perfect one-stop shop for DIY supplies and decor staples to help cozy up and transition any home for fall!

Neutral fall decor


Whether you're a traditional Fall decorator or prefer muted tones, Walmart has a variety of pumpkins in various sizes, textures, and colors.  I tend to paint faux pumpkins, so I pay more attention to the size and shape than the color. 

walmart faux pumpkins

Walmart has one pumpkin in particular that's a perfect mix of Cinderella and Knucklehead pumpkins. I would have bought multiple of them, but they must be popular because I only found one. 

textured faux pumpkins

They do have many other varieties of affordable faux pumpkins in many other colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.  

walmart faux pumpkins

Walmart faux pumpkins

I also grabbed a few $.98 faux acorn picks to paint and display throughout my home. 

faux acorn stems


Painting the faux pumpkins and acorns to give them a neutral makeover was quick and easy.   I used an off-white paint for the textured pumpkin and then added a little antique wax for additional texture. 

Painting faux walmart pumpkins

The acorns were all painted dark brown, including the stems.   They're perfect for tucking into small crocks and vases or to combine with other natural fall elements. 

painting faux acorn stems

neutral fall decorating ideas

Painted faux pumpkins and acorns

Decorating with faux acorns

simple fall living room decor

simple fall decorating

warm leather amber candle from walmart

Of course, I also had to pick up a couple bags of faux skull heads to add a bit of Halloween.  They're a neat and unique filler for a natural wood bowl or clear glass canister

bag of faux skulls

faux skulls in glass jar


Along with the variety of pumpkins and acorns, Walmart has a wonderful selection of pillows, throw blankets, trays, candles, and other home accents perfect for fall. 


Wood: Bowls, vases, trays, pedestals
Natural: Acorns, pinecones, antlers, dried florals 
Cozy: Blankets, pillows, and other textiles
Texture: Velvet, faux fur, plaid, baskets, wood
Metals: Copper, brass, gold, bronze
Scent: Candles, diffusers, stovetop potpourri (bonfire, sandalwood, cinnamon, apple cider, pumpkin)

wood oblong tray

Faux fur blanket

warm amber fall candle

You can shop additional natural and neutral Walmart fall decor favorites by clicking on the images below! 


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