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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

20 DIY Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List

The best DIY gift ideas for every budget, every style and for everyone on your list!

Do you love giving or receiving DIY Gifts?  

DIY gifts are a great way to share your talents, get creative, add a personalized touch and in some cases save a few dollars. 

From yummy treats and fragrant soaps to vintage decor and snarky plant markers.  I scoured the internet to gather a variety of highly curated DIY gift ideas for everyone on your list!  

The best diy gift ideas


1.  WILL DIY REALLY SAVE MONEY?  If your goal is to save money, make a material list and really asses if it's cost-effective.  Some DIY projects will actually cost more than buying a finished product.  

2.  WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON HAND?  Do you have leftover wood from a previous DIY project?  Fabric from a sewing craft?  Consider the inventory that you have on hand and how you could use or repurpose those materials to make affordable and creative DIY gifts. 

3. CONSIDER YOUR TALENTS.  Are you an amazing seamstress, baker or chef?  Do you have a knack for woodworking?  Think about your hobbies and talents and how you can use those skills to make affordable and one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family, neighbors and teachers. 

4.  WILL IT CAUSE MORE STRESS?  The holidays are supposed to be a fun and festive time of year.  If making DIY gifts will lead to feeling more stressed then consider scaling back your projects and crafts or eliminating them altogether.  

5. MAKE IT A PARTY!  Host a fun Christmas craft evening and knock out a few gifts while also spending time with friends and family.   Enjoy yummy treats and share a few holiday drinks while making a fun and easy craft for your guests to take home. 


1.  Wine Bottle Candle 
DIY wine bottle candle, diy gifts
Source: Hello Nest 

2. Funny DIY Plant Labels 

DIY funny plant labels, diy gifts

3.  DIY Personalized Silhouette Necklaces 

DIY personalized silhouette necklaces
Source: The Nester

4. DIY Wood Doormat
DIY wood doormat, diy gifts

5.  Rock Road Map Keychain

Rock road map keychain

6. Marble Mugs 

DIY marble mugs, diy gifts

6. DIY Letterpress Keychain 
DIY letterpress keychain, diy gifts

7. Rope Camera Strap 

Diy rope camera strap
Source: Collective Gen 

8.  DIY "Antique" Cutting Board 
DIY antique cutting board
Source: Tidbits 

9. No-Bake Peanut Butter Truffles 

no-bake-peanut butter truffles

10. Adjustable Apron

diy adjustable apron, diy gifts

11.  Leather Tool Pouch 
DIY leather tool pouch, diy gifts

Source: Handmadiya

12. Heishi Bead Necklace 
DIY heishi bead necklace, diy jewelry

13. Buffalo Check Checkers 
diy buffalo check checkers, DIY gifts

14. DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dish
DIY marble clay ring dish

15.  Leather Decanter Labels
DIY leather decanter labels

16. Wood Hexagon Coasters
DIY wood hexagon coasters, diy gifts

17.  Modern Cake Stand
DIY modern cake stand, diy gifts

18. Homemade Beard Oil 
homemade beard oil, diy beauty gifts

19. DIY Peg Game With Brass Casings
DIY peg game with brass casings, diy gifts
Source: Sweet Pea 

20.  Marbled Soap
homemade marbled soap, diy gifts
Source: Homey Oh My 

Which DIY gift idea is your favorite? 

Are you looking for more DIY Christmas gift ideas?  Here are 15 more budget-friendly gift ideas for you to enjoy and consider. 

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