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Friday, March 13, 2020

DIY Vintage Letterpress Keychains

Repurpose vintage letterpress letters into cool and unique keychains!

There are a handful of items I like to keep an eye out for when auctioning and vintage letterpress letters are one of them.  They have tons of character, are perfect for craft projects and look great when paired and styled with vintage decor.

Just recently,  I scored a full tray of vintage letterpress letters and knew right away they would make cool and unique keychains. 

Repurposed vintage letterpress keychains

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- Vintage letterpress letters (auctions, ETSY, Ebay) 
- Small drill bit


Tray of vintage letterpress letters

STEP 1:  Using a small drill bit (one a little smaller than the eye screws), drill a hole in the top of each letterpress letter about a half inch deep.
Small drill bit in drill

Drilling holes in letterpress letters
STEP 2: Screw one eye screw into the top of each letter.  It should fit snug and be difficult to screw in by hand.  Use pliers to grasp the top of the screw eye and continue twisting until it is fully screwed into the top of each letterpress letter.
Adding screw eye to top of letterpress letters
STEP 3: Using pliers, gently pull apart one jump ring, add two more rings then close jump ring.
Adding jump clamps to screw eye in keychain
STEP 4: Grasp the end of the three jump rings with two pliers, pull apart enough to slip onto the eye screw then close jump ring over the eye screw.

STEP 5: Attach one split ring onto the end of the three jump rings.
Adding split ring to letterpress keychains

How to make vintage letterpress keychains

DIY vintage letterpress keychains

These vintage letterpress keychains are super easy to create and make for a great personalized gift!  

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How to make DIY vintage letterpress keychains


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