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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Summer Decorating: Budget-Friendly Deck Refresh

Budget-friendly updates you can make to refresh your summer deck and outdoor decor for less! 

A huge thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post and giving me the kick in the pants I needed to refresh our deck! 

Last year, I got rid of our old four piece wicker conversation set with the goal of getting all new deck furniture this summer.   That idea quickly changed when gas and groceries prices increased and I just couldn't justify spending unnecessary money on something I didn't actually need.  

Instead, I decided to do a little power washing, planting, cleaning and painting and make a few budget-friendly purchases to refresh our deck for summer. 

Neutral summer deck decorr

Here's how the deck looked just before I started cleaning and painting the old wrought iron furniture that I've had for almost 20 years. 

Deck before

deck before

deck decor

deck decor before

Thanks to Walmart and their affordable tools, project supplies and stylish outdoor decor,  I was able to clean the deck, update our existing furniture and purchase a few key pieces to improve the look and comfort of our outdoor living. 

Budget-Friendly Ideas To Update Your Deck For Summer


A few years ago, we bought a Sun Joe Presser Washer and a Ryobi Leaf Blower and they have been instrumental in helping us keep up with the maintenance of our home.  From easily blowing off pollen and leaves to effortlessly removing dirt, grime and mold.   They are my go-to items when it comes to cleaning the outside of the house. 

This year, in an effort to save money, I decided to try out the pressure washer on our very dirty and neglected outdoor cushions.  They have been outside for a few years now and I wasn't sure how well they would clean up, but I figured it was worth a try.

dirty outdoor patio chair cushions
I sprayed each cushion with Resolve Upholstery & Multi-Fabric Cleaner, let them sit for about five minutes then sprayed them down with the pressure washer.  There were a few rust stains that didn't come out completely, but overall, they cleaned up nicely. 

cleaning outdoor patio cushions


I have an old wrought iron patio set that I've had for over 18 years.  It's solid, sturdy and I LOVE that the seats rock.  It's still structurally sound, but being outside for 18 years has taken a toll on its appearance.  Luckily, wrought iron patio sets are easy to update in just a few simple steps. 

Wood or teak outdoor furniture sets can be restored with a good power washing, sanding,  staining and sealing.


1. Scrape off loose rust with a stiff wire brush
2. Lightly sand rust spots with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any roughness.
3. Use a Pressure Washer to thoroughly clean furniture and allow it to dry.
4. Spray furniture with multiple light coats of spray paint.  I used five cans of Rust-oleum Flat Black Spray Paint to do a table and four chairs. 

outdoor wrought iron patio furniture before

wrought iron patio furniture before

spray painting wrought iron patio furniture

spray painting patio furniture


Weather can do a number on outdoor doors and trim.  A good cleaning to remove any dirt and mold and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  This year, I FINALLY tackled painting the outside of our deck doors with Iron Ore to match the rest of the doors.  It instantly gave the doors a fresh new look! 

Iron Ore painted patio door

Iron Ore painted patio door


I ordered a new gray diamond woven outdoor rug from Walmart and I couldn't be happier with the quality, especially for the price.  It grounded the space under the table and pulled everything together.  

Updated wrought Iron patio set

I also ordered four of these designer look pillows for the extra chairs and loungers.  They're soft and textured and aren't itchy like traditional outdoor pillows.  If you're looking for great outdoor pillows that won't break your budget, these are it!

refreshed summer deck decor

designer look outdoor pillows

refreshed summer deck


Walmart has a nice selection of affordable outdoor plants and a variety of outdoor planters, which made it super easy to add fun textures and plants to the deck.

walmart pots and planters

This Everly basket is my favorite and since it's made of resin it will hold up to all weather conditions.   I added a plant to it that wasn't doing well in my bedroom, but has been thriving outside.  I also bought a set of the Savana round planters to break up all the black and add a little more texture. 

outdoor planters in summer

summer deck decor

Walmart planters in summer


Just like paint, wood stain is a super affordable way to drastically refresh and update old wood, especially if it's never been stained or treated. 

When we built our deck we chose white vinyl railing and Evergrain composite deck boards for low maintenance upkeep, however, the deck supports were basic pressure-treated lumber and needed a good cleaning and staining. 

Last year, when I power washed and stained the shed deck I decided to also stain the deck posts.  The difference is night and day and the overall look of the deck drastically improved.  

Untreated wood deck posts

black painted deck posts

white and black deck

untreated deck posts

white and black deck and decor

It's been SO nice to look out the kitchen window and see a clean and refreshed deck!  It had been neglected for so long and now it's actually a space we will use and enjoy. 

budget-friendly summer deck refresh

budget-friendly summer deck refresh

budget-friendly ways to update your deck

how to update your deck for less

neutral summer deck decor


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summer deck decor from walmart


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  1. Katie this project turned out so awesome. I love how you repurposed your furniture to make it look brand new. I have followed you for years and you never disappoint. Best to you

  2. Wow! Looks great. Love the door paint, and painting the underside of the deck made a huge difference - it's almost invisible now