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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Decor Under $40: Natural Earthy Tones From Amazon

Amazon decor under $40!!!  Decorate your home with the best budget-friendly, earthy tones from Amazon.  

When it comes to decorating my home, I tend to gravitate toward neutrals with accents of green.  The warm tones of terra cotta are definitely growing on me though, especially in small doses.  They're rich, earthy and accent well with white, black and green. 

Natural and earthy decor under $40 from Amazon
You don't have to have a Bohemian style to appreciate and incorporate warm hues into your home.  Going simple and accenting with these earthy tones can look stunning with any decor style. 

Vintage modern, high-contrast master bedroom

I took inspiration from my bedroom then searched Amazon for budget-friendly decor (under $40!) that fit with this beautiful earthy color scheme, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. 
Natural and earthy color scheme
Sherwin-William Iron Ore / Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Dark Green / Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Terracotta / Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray
High contrast, modern farmhouse bedroom decor

High contrast modern farmhouse neutral bedroom decor

Do you struggle with combining and adding color in your home?  Mix and match color like a pro with this simple formula! 


Use the 60-30-10 decorating "rule" when choosing colors to create the perfect balance in any room.  

Your dominant color should make up about 60% of the room (walls, large furniture, rugs, etc.) Your secondary color should make up about 30% of your room (bedding, artwork, accent wall, curtains, etc.).  Finally, 10% of your room should be your accent colors(s) and can be added in the way of throw pillows, lamps, pots, etc.  This color can be pulled from larger scale items in your room, such as a rug or artwork or a new color entirely.  

You can shop my favorite natural, earthy and budget-friendly Amazon decor below! 

Amazon finds under $40
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High contrast earthy bedroom

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  1. what size is the fig tree pictured

    1. It's about 4 1/2 feet. I have books inside the basket to raise the tree up a bit.

  2. Thanks, that little hint helped!! Love your colors in this room.