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Friday, April 27, 2018

Recent Thrifting Finds and What's in my Garage

Happy Friday!  

It's been a little slower around here the past few weeks because I've been busy thrifting, hunting for deals and painting and updating furniture.  If you missed the announcement, I'm joining my friend Cassie at Sweet Clover, a 1900's dairy barn in Frederick, MD that hosts a monthly vintage tag sale.  I've always loved thrifting and flipping furniture, but since I've only ever shopped for my own home I needed to get busy shopping for the barn.  I've been sharing a few of my finds on IG stories, but since I've been getting a lot of messages about my thrifting adventures I thought I would share a few of my recent finds here on the blog.

Thrifted entryway for spring

Back in March, I shared 5 Simple and Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Spring, which included a bunch of second-hand finds.  One of the items I displayed in my entryway were a few round flat weave baskets.  I love that you can use them on a table to ground decor or hang them on the wall to create inexpensive wall art.  It's one of the items that I keep my eye out for everywhere I go.  
thrift store baskets

thrift store baskets
I usually look for ones that are flat and have a neat design or texture, but the other day I got a little carried away and ended up with a cart full of all sorts of baskets.  Just call me the basket lady.
cart full of thrift store baskets

thrift store baskets
I get a lot of comments that I have the best thrift stores, but it's definitely hit or miss and many times things are just way overpriced.  I loved these yellow dishes (I was really only interested in the plates), but they were selling them as a set for $27.00!!!  I wouldn't even spend that much if I was buying them for myself.  
yellow vintage thrift store dishes
 And this hard shell suitcase that wasn't even a pretty color was $29.99!!!  Yikes!
overprices vintage hard case suitcase
Many times I walk out of a store empty-handed, but there are days when I hit it just right and come out with a cart full.   Keep in mind that I visit many different Goodwill's, thrift stores, church missions and value stores, so I have a lot of places to shop.  I'll travel around 45 minutes to find new stores and I've definitely learned what stores and areas are best to shop. 

cart full of vintage finds
(My son rides dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, so the helmet was for him)

Along with baskets, I also keep my eye out for simple brass candlesticks, milk glass, Ironstone, green depression glass (just because I like green),  planters, vintage suitcases, train cases and briefcases, books, vintage Christmas decor as well as anything unique that catches my eye.  

I was so excited when I found this huge Ironstone pitcher at Goodwill, but my mom quickly claimed it for herself.  She's done so much for our family that the least I can do is let her have a thrifted pitcher.  Enjoy, mom! 
truck load of vintage finds

vintage thrift store finds

flea market and thrift store finds

vintage flea market and thrift store finds

Vintage green metal chairs

I've been storing most items in my garage since I haven't taken anything to Sweet Clover yet and as you can see it's a hot mess.   I shared the campaign desk makeover the other week as well as the MCM dresser, which I've been keeping in our mudroom.   Both will be headed to Sweet Clover for the May sale. 
Garage full of thrifted vintage finds
The vintage barrel back cane chair was a Facebook Marketplace find as well as the MCM hutch.  The console table was a recent Goodwill buy and as you can see is still in the process of getting made over.
Garage full of thrifted vintage lockers and furniture
I just picked up this MCM dresser and nightstand yesterday as well as the vintage leather suitcase.  The rug is from Hobby Lobby and was going to replace the one in our mudroom that the puppy destroyed, but after reading the horrible reviews I decided to take it back. 
MCM dresser and side table

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm excited to be celebrating it by waking up bright and early (6:15 to be exact!) and heading to a local flea market with my daughter.  I hope to snag some good deals then I plan on slowing down on thrifting until I get rid of some of my hoard in the garage :)  

Have a great weekend! 


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  1. Happy birthday! I have that very same makeup case. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Love the baskets! Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is tomorrow too.

  3. I'm in Ashburn, VA, so when I saw mention of this Sweet Clover in Frederick, I had to check it out. I am going to coerce my husband into going up for the May sale. Maybe we will bump in to each other sometime! :)

    1. Yes, you should definetely check it out! I won't be working the May sale, but I will probably stop by on Friday. If you head out there check out Chartreuse and co as well. They are only a few miles away!

  4. HI Katie
    These are great finds! Like amazing! Happy Birthday! laura in denver

  5. I wanna go thrifting with you! Awesome treasures...

  6. I know you are in MD. Have you ever gone to Second Chance warehouse in Baltimore. Sometimes it’s overpiced but the price goes down as stuff is there longer and sometimes you can get great deals on unique pieces. Plus it’s just fun to explore!

  7. Happy Birthday Jen! Have fun at the flea market. Wish I were going too.

  8. Happy looking at your finds! Is Sweet Clover like a re-sale shop? Do you own/rent it? Any pictures?

  9. Loved this post - thanks for sharing all the finds + tips!! Can't wait to see how the barn sale goes - sounds so dreamy! Be sure to report back (please!, ha) - I have no doubt you'll have the cutest space.