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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: The Censored Version


Happy Halloween!  I'm stopping in real quick to share a few pictures from the weekend as well as reveal this year's DIY costume.  My neighbors go all out every year and throw a pretty awesome Halloween party, which called for a new (and a bit racy) DIY costume.
Spooky Halloween entryway
I didn't get many pictures of their completely decked out house and the ones I did get aren't the best, but I wanted to share them anyway.

She turned each room of her home into a different haunted theme and it looked amazing.  Her dining room shelves were made into a mad scientist lab complete with boiling beakers and petri dish jello shots.  (not pictured)
Mad scientists lab

Frankenstein in a mad scientists lab.

Her family room was turned into a haunted library full of books, cobwebs, ghosts and candelabras. 

If the haunted baby dolls in the entryway weren't creepy enough the bats, ghosts and short circuit light were enough to give the impression that you were stepping right into a real life haunted house. 
Freaky Halloween entryway

Check out this awesome kissing booth that she built!  I know, it's so tempting to smooch Michael Myers.  Looks like the ticket booth employee has been waiting there quite a long time.

The entire deck was turned into a carnival scene and I'd say she hit the nail on the head.
Michael Myers in Kissing Booth
As always, our entire family had a blast!

Are you ready to see my costume?  I admit, it might be crossing the line of inappropriate, but everyone got a kick out of it and thought it was pretty awesome.

I started with a piece of card stock that I picked up from the Dollar Store.  I cut it down into two pieces that were large enough to cover my chest and waist.  Do you get where I'm going with this yet?

DIY Halloween Censored Costume
I created a grid of lines that I filled in with multiple shades of gray and flesh colored paint.  I attached the "censored" pieces to a nude body suit using velcro command strips and safety pins.  Don't worry mom, I was completely covered up.
DIY "censored" Halloween costume

Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween! 

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  1. Unique!! Love your ideas!!

  2. Awesome Idea!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Katie, this is hilarious!!! You win Halloween 2016! Sooo funny!