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Sunday, July 24, 2016

{Quick Tip} How to Easily Clean Hardened Wax Brushes

Quick and easy steps to save your dried out wax paint brushes and get them looking like new again.  

Last week, was the first time in almost 3 years that I completely took a break from my day job AND blogging.  I had no posts scheduled,  no DIY projects planned and no paperwork to complete. Instead, I enjoyed the beach, sun and time with my family.

With that being said, I did miss blogging, getting dirty and chatting with you all!  As soon as I walked in the door and unpacked I threw on my paint clothes and finished painting the Goodwill dresser in the basement. There's no rest for the weary in this household!
How to easily clean your wax brushes
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After I was done painting and ready to apply the wax I realized my wax brush had hardened, dried out and desperately needed cleaning.   If you use chalk paint and wax to paint furniture then you know these brushes are not cheap.  I paid around $30 for mine, but it has lasted me through countless projects and was definitely well worth the money.

I'm ashamed to say that I had never cleaned my wax brush before.  I always placed the brush in a plastic bag for later use.  Eventually, the wax built up, hardened and I had no choice but to give it a good cleaning.  Reusing your brush after wax has built up and hardened can damage your bristles and result in a useless brush.  All it takes is 5 minutes to clean your brush, so be sure to follow these simple steps to keep your brushes clean and looking like new.

How to easily clean your wax brushes in less than 5 minutes with 3 simple ingredients!


- Mason jar 
- Dish Soap (I like Meyer's)
- Warm water

 Supplies needed to quickly and easily clean wax brushes

Mineral spirits in a mason jar ready for a dirty wax brush

Soak wax brush in mineral spirits and rinse with dish soap

Fill a mason jar with enough Mineral Spirits to cover the wax coated bristles.  Lightly press the tips of the bristles against the bottom and sides of the jar to loosen the wax.  Let the brush sit about 2 minutes.  The wax will start to dissolve in the Mineral Spirits. 

Gently rinse and massage bristles under warm-hot water and dish soap until clean.

Rinse and Hang or lay flat to dry

Quick tip to easily clean hard wax brushes

This is the quickest and easiest way to keep your wax paint brushes clean and looking like new.   If you care for your brushes properly they'll last you through countless projects and for many years to come.

How to clean a wax paint brush in less than five minutes

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  1. Great tutorial, Katie! Glad you had a nice break at the beach with your family :).

  2. That's so sweet of you, for sharing your knowledge with us. Amazingly helpful post.

  3. I always use a cloth because I felt like cleaning a brush would be SO much harder - now I know better! Thanks for sharing! And so happy to hear you enjoyed your trip!!!

  4. Thanks for this tutorial! I just recently purchased a wax brush, and used it on dresser bashed to tv console. I used hot water and hand pump soap to clean it afterward, and then allowed it to dry.

    Thanks for your posts. I am encouraged to take on projects I do not think I would try to tackle otherwise. :)


  5. Can paint brushes be clean with mineral spirit also?