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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

{Mudroom Progress} Temporary light, paint choices and flooring

Did you guys think I forgot about the mudroom?  It's been quite a while since I shared an update, but to be honest, not much has been completed.    After whitewashing the brick and hanging the rustic pallet coat rack our mudroom took a major halt on progress.  We were extremely fortunate to be given an entire set of awesome kitchen cabinets, which we had been storing in our mudroom.

Yeah, it's been a hot mess in there!

I am happy to say, the cabinets have since be moved to the garage and laundry room and the mudroom is finally cleared out.  (mostly!)

Now, back to the light.  If you remember, I plan on finishing our mudroom with temporary products until we do the full blown kitchen remodel.  In the meantime, I don't want to look at an unfinished space for 1-2 years, so I'm temporarily finishing it as cheap as possible.   That's when I got the idea to install the pendent lights over the plan light bulbs.

Have you all seen these industrial pendant lights from Target?

I bought one for my son's room, but decided to use it in the mudroom instead.   Since we weren't exactly sure where the permanent kitchen and mudroom lights will be, we had our electrician install two cheap temporary lights.   Plan 'ole ugly light bulbs was a much better option than having no lights at all. 

I started by taking apart the pendant light, so the cage was separate from the lighting kit. 
 I unscrewed the white plastic base from the light socket,

slipped the wire cage over the socket then screwed the base back onto the socket.

That's it!  A project that took about 3 minutes to install, but makes such a huge difference.  I still have to change out the lightbulb (to one of these) and do the other light in the room, but I love how it makes these cheap and inexpensive lights look so much more finished.

Next on the mudroom to do list is adding the trim molding and painting.  I'm thinking of going with either Sherwin Williams Wordly gray (our master bedroom color) or Repose Gray.

Repose gray is more of a true gray, while Wordly gray is more of a greige.  I'm sure either one would look great, but I can't make up my mind.  

I did however make up my mind on the floor and bought this one from Lowe's.  Although, it cost almost $400,  it's so worth it to have a finished floor rather than walking on plywood.  

Let's not pay attention to the nasty stained floor!  Leaky trash does not mix well with plywood. 

So, there we are.  I still have a ways to go in this room, but can't get anything done until we pass our final inspection.  We're waiting on our carpenter neighbor to install the door (more on that nightmare later) and make temporary steps into the garage before we call for the inspection.  (After we coat the garage floor we'll install the permanent steps.)  It's a LOT of waiting and my patience is wearing thin, which doesn't say much since I have no patience to begin with :)

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  1. I think it's all coming together perfectly - you know, as an outsider looking in and not having to live in it and all ;) LOVE your colour choices for the trim! We're actually debating between Repose Gray and Revere Pewter for our main wall colour around the house too! Definitely interested to hear which way you go! I really like that you are making over the space even though it's temporary - we're facing the same dilemma with our new main floor - a complete overhaul in a year or two, but do we just live with it in the mean time, or make some inexpensive changes? I like the idea of not having to look at the worst of it while you're waiting to really make it over!

  2. It's coming along so nicely! I love the light fixture, color choices, and flooring you have picked out!

  3. I am in the middle of doing my mudroom/laundry room, I know what you are going through. It is a slow process. That light is great, and the mirror I spotted is awesome too.