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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Vintage Market and New Dining Room Server

The second Friday-Sunday of every month the Vintage Market in Glenwood, MD is open.  I haven't been for a few months, but made it a priority to go this weekend after I saw a blue vintage server they posted on their Facebook page.

I persuaded my husband to let me take his truck "just in case" they still had the server and it was what I wanted.  I was really worried about the color and their no return policy, but once I saw it in person, I  LOVED it!

Before I get to the server, I wanted to show you a few items from the sale that caught my eye.

How cool would this Chevy sign be hanging in our garage?  Even though we are a Toyota loving family, my husband has been keeping his eye out for an older Chevy Nova or Chevelle.  This sign would be perfect for his man space.
This is another server that would have also worked in the dining room.  It was about $100.00 cheaper, but it was the wrong color and the lines weren't exactly what I was looking for.
I thought these tin trays were cute and would be great to hold mason jars filled with silverware for a party.   I didn't get any, but at only $8.00 a piece I may get one next month if they're still available.

You see that blue server peaking out from behind the wicker bench?  Yeah, that piece of awesomeness came home with me!

The bottom drawer was the only drawer lined with old contact paper, so I tore it out and used a fun blue wrapping paper to line all the drawers.

There is so much more space in this piece than my last one.  I was able to put everything away and still have plenty of room for future purchases.

I love how it has the old silverware slats and original handles.

This was definitely a splurge piece, but after living with IKEA furniture for 10+ years it's finally time to start replacing those falling apart items with solid furniture.  Our old buffet was wobbly and so unsteady that I wouldn't even let the kids touch or lean against it.  I've been searching for a new server for months without any luck.  So, when this piece became available I jumped on it so fast.  I still have the other buffet in the dining room, so once I get that out of the way I'll share a full room picture.

Next up for the dining room are new chairs.  Although, our current table and chairs were not cheap and were a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel, they are completly falling apart.  The other week while my husband was using a spare chair at the computer desk it broke to pieces and he fell to the floor.  I think that warrants new chairs if you ask me.


  1. Love it! They don't make furniture like they used to - with real wood :) Can't wait to see the full room picture!

    1. Thanks Rosy! I agree, furniture was made so much better years ago. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. This is such a beautiful piece! Love the wrapping paper you used to line the drawers.