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Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Experience with Chalk Paint...

Yes, I am one of the very few people that have not used chalk paint.  Kinda like I'm one of few people who don't have a smart phone.  The main reason for both....I'm too cheap.  Although, this past weekend I gave into the much talked about paint.  Maybe next is the iPhone, we'll see.  I have painted many pieces of furniture using spray paint and oil based paint, so I was pretty confident that I could use the chalk paint.   The big hype on this type of paint is it's ease of use.  No priming, no sanding (unless you are distressing) and virtually no odor.   It was perfect to use inside during a rainy Saturday.

The only place I've found chalk paint is at local shops and online.  I bought CeCe Caldwell brand chalk paint at Vintage Blue, a local shop in Highland, Maryland that sells refinished furniture and local products.  I ended up buying Dover white and the natural waxing cream.  This stuff is not cheap by any means.  I believe the chalk paint was $34.00 for a quart and the wax was $29.99.    I also purchased the waxing brush for $18.99.  It was a lot of expense up front, but well worth the costs since they can be used over and over.

The good thing about chalk paint is that a little goes a long way.  In most cases one coat gives enough coverage.  I say most cases because I ended up needing 3 coats.  Not sure why, but I was quite irritated at the thought of using so much expensive paint for two small tables.

I am all about making my house more eclectic and not so matchy, matchy.  Most of my furniture in the house is either black or espresso and bought many years ago.  I am kind of moving away from that look and wanted to brighten up our living room.  Since all the furniture in the room is dark I really needed to paint two pieces so they looked like they "fit" in the room.  One piece would just look out of place, so I choose to paint the two side tables that were previously bought at Ikea and Target.

With this paint there is no sanding or prep work required.  I just made sure the tables were free of dust and dog hair and starting slapping on the first coat of paint.

You can see as it dries it gets chalky.  I was a little nervous after the first coat and began to second guess my decision to paint them.  I patiently waited for the first coat to dry so I could paint the 2nd coat all while praying it would look better.

Even after a second coat there were still spots that the original dark finish was showing through.  I ended up going over a few spots with a third coat.

I let the paint dry over night....

Sunday morning I applied the wax using the waxing brush.  The best way to apply the wax is to use the back of a spoon and scoop the wax out and onto a paper plate.  This way you can dab the brush into the wax then dab the excess off on the plate.  A little goes a long way, so don't over do it with the wax.

The clear wax does change the color of the paint slightly.

After I applied the wax with the brush I buffed it with a clean lint free rag.  Once the wax was dry I sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.

After I sanded and smoothed out some of the brush stokes I cleaned off the dust and applied a final coat of wax.  I put an extra coat of wax on the top of both tables since they would get a lot of wear.

And the other table...

I'm still getting used to them, but I think I like the new lighter color.  I am working on gathering materials for the gallery wall behind the TV and will be bringing in more white and cream pieces.  I am hoping that will tie in the newly painted furniture.

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  1. Oh they look so much brighter!! I like how you styled them. I have painted a few pieces of furniture white too and it is addictive!

    1. Thanks Liz! I think I am officially hooked on white furniture now too!

  2. These turned out so well! I've used CeCe's and love it!